Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Like Regular Mexico, Only With More UFOs"

Yeah, I've spent waaaay too much time at Viral Vids today.  Sometimes it bees like that, but at least I got the bike washed.


  1. Yeah, well it's almost like today is an afterthought because of the holiday occurring on the day it was originally scheduled.

    It a cool diversion

    v-word = miessaft

  2. Nyuk! Yeah, I saw that somewhere this morning...pretty good work, really. Clever idea.

    I think Louisiana's was something like, "Thanks BP, as if we didn't have enough problems." The dude did New Mexico proud, though...that was one of the sharpest ones.

    What was it...Rhode Island? Yeah, we're REALLY a state. Nyuk.

    The kid's on to something here. I remember being sharp like that decades ago. Too bad we didn't have the worldwide computer. I'm pretty sure I'd be wealthy.

    Probably not.

  3. Do people really think of tornadoes when they think of OK? I would have thought about Indians.

  4. Ivan: I was having serious trouble getting it in gear yesterday. And Hell... I'm retired!

    Andy: Roswell. We'll NEVER live that down. We have the BEST chiles in the known world and all people think of is UFOs. Aiiieee.

    Lou: My first thought when I found out I had been assigned to Tinker (from London) was "AIIIEEE! HOT!" I used to HATE the heat.


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