Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey! Guess What?

The wind died down to a manageable level... for a while, at least.  And it's relatively cool (a balmy 84 degrees), too!  Here's what we look like at the moment...

The only thing that's missin' is ME, and I shall be out under the awning with beer in hand very shortly.


  1. Now that is what NM should be like in the spring. We had a fairly windless day here yesterday, but it was a bit warm and muggy. It was probably very nice, but I was working rather than sitting on the patio drinking a beer.

  2. So, uh, I may have missed it, but any fearless prognostications for The Cup? Be kind.

  3. As much as it makes me ill to think of the Creepy Sedins hoisting the Cup Sully, Canucks in 6.

  4. I'll be doing the something similar in the next few days.... sitting out.. with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the warm weather (we hope). Enjoy!

  5. Wet & windy here... generally sucky.
    I think it's because some folks are still playing winter sports... in June!

  6. Looks like you've got it "made in the shade" Buck! Question, who has more motivation? Buck drink in hand under the awning listening to his "sounds" @ Happy Hour or a lizard on a flat rock in the sun in the NM desert? Wait--don't answer that!LOL!

  7. PS: I'm envious!Just think, you're on a life-time road-trip now! You're just "pausing" by the road-side for "the pause that refreshes." LOL.

  8. Lou: It was SO nice yesterday! And we got our first rain in about eight months last night! (OK, I'm exaggerating. But only a LIL bit.)

    Jim: I'm with Deb: Vancouver in six. I'm less enthused about this SCF than any other I can recall in recent memory. But... just for you: "GO B's!!

    Alison: I hope the WX cooperates for ya!

    Ivan: Yeah... the SCF is FINALLY here.

    Question, who has more motivation?

    I'd go with the lizard on the flat rock, Virgil. The only thing that motivates me in these circumstances is an empty glass. ;-)


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