Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Test Drive

I downloaded Internet Exploder 9.0 last evening and am still in the test-drive phase, which means I ain't sure if IE9 is gonna replace Firefox as the broswer of choice here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  A few things are immediately apparent:  (a) IE9 is fast, faster than Firefox by a noticable margin and (b) the interface is much cleaner than FF, with more screen space dedicated to the web page you're looking at, as opposed to tool bars, menu bars, yadda, yadda.  See for yerself: 


Firefox 3.6.15

The downsides, so far:  (a) IE9 puked all over me last evening when I went to post that cat video, throwing a 404 "Page Not Found" error where the vid should be.  I need to do some testing there.  (b) IE9 STILL doesn't have a built-in spell checker and that might be the fatal flaw that prevents it from becoming the Browser O' Choice.  I know there are add-ins in this space and I might play with that option a lil later.  (c) 64-bit IE9 still doesn't support Flash.  The 32-bit version does, so that's what I'm using.  (d)  IE9 only runs on Vista and Windows 7.  That doesn't affect me personally, but if you're running XP you're SOL.  If you're running something earlier than XP, well... I'll not insult you, even if you deserve it.  I don't know if IE9 works on Fanboi hardware, nor do I care.  Fanbois prefer Fanboi software anyway, like the "Let's Go Hunting In Africa With Native Porters and Shit" browser.

(Parenthetical diversion... FF has issues where videos are concerned, too.  Note the Goo Goo Dolls mysteriously appeared in the screen shot above where the cat video should be.  This "feature" has happened more than once to me in the past; the only cure is to paste the video embed code in the "Edit HTML" window of Blogger's post screen. WTF?)

The geeky set likes IE9... a lot.  Here's one such review, if'n yer in to that sorta thang.  My jury is still out, however.

Update, 1400 hrs:  Well, I'm thinkin' the road test is over and IE9 ain't for me.  IE9 doesn't seem to want me to log into the Disqus commenting application a few of my blog-buds use and apparently caused Google to doubt my identity, as well, seeing as how Google suspended my account for about a half-hour earlier today.  The suspension might have been an unhappy coincidence but I question the timing.  The lack of a spell-checker in IE9 irritates me, too.  So... thanks but no thanks, Mr. Gates.  Yer latest ain't seamless enough fer me.


  1. When I first checked into your site today (maybe 25 minutes ago) a blogger screen appeared telling me I couldn't EIP had been removed and that I couldn't use the EIP address (or something like that). I tried again a couple of times and then went away to do something else. Whatever happened, I'm glad you're back. I do like the clean screen look that IE9 provides. I've been using Chrome for a couple of months now and love it.

  2. Google suspended my account temporarily, Dan, due to "suspicious activity." Thankfully they have an automated verification system that uses your telephone and I got that stuff squared away about a half-hour after it happened. I'd have never known I was down if Deb hadn't e-mailed me... and then you commented to that effect, too.

    Weird scenes in the goldmine, I guess.

    I'm still playin' with IE9, so I haven't made up my mind yet. I tried Chrome a couple o' years ago when it first came out but went back to FF. I may give the next release of Chrome another shot when it hits the street.

  3. Y'know, you could hide that enormous double-stack toolbar in Fire Fox (leaving only Menus, Address, and tab bars,) which would make the screen real-estate essentially equal.

    Just sayin.

  4. being a computer geek, I've been resisting the urge to check it out because the software we use all day long is IE based, and I don't want to upgrade and find out that they haven't worked out all the kinks yet. I have seen it though and it does look nice. Personally, I like Chrome right now, but if it had the activeX features that IE does, I'd like it even more.

  5. Y'know, you could hide that enormous double-stack toolbar in Fire Fox...

    Details, details... ;-)

    Matt: I decided I ain't gonna go there, "there" bein' IE9.

  6. Well that was quick! I don't have experience with any other system as this is all that the firms that I have worked for use and I'm pretty much used to it.

  7. I cud use the spell cheker.

  8. like the "Let's Go Hunting In Africa With Native Porters and Shit" browser.

    That's friggin hilarious, man. You get the win today, no question.

  9. Deb: Not being able to log in to Disqus was the straw that broke my camel's back, poor thing.

    Lou: I've noticed that. ;-)

    Andy: You are kind, Sir.

  10. Google probably suspended your account because you were using a Microsoft product. ;)

  11. Yeah, what Seattle Andy said.

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on this one. I was thinking of giving it a rip...but just kinda thinking of it.

    I really can't imagine anything better than Firefox. BTW, I don't have all those toolbars and junk. My browser is completely clean. Just has an address bar, with a search box to the right...with a drop-down list of engines.

    However, I'm not using the newest version. Every time it prompts me to upgrade I decline. I upgraded once, and did not like it. I like it the way it is. I'm dull, and unadventurous.

  12. Andy,

    FWIW, even though (like you) I tend to avoid bleeding-edge toys (if it ain't broke.....,) I've allowed Fire Fox and Thunderbird to automatically update. Updates so far seem completely (yikes, an adjective) transparent and require no learning curve whatsoever.

    Most of this, I realize, is more about me than the programs. Like I used to teach software students, the guys who built this thing know more about it than I do - I would never, for instance, take the front brake off a new motorcycle for my first trip down the coast. "In software, as in life, always take the defaults until you know what you're doing."

    No hiccups in almost 3 years now, and I like it. And yeah, I only have the address bar, screen real-estate is extensive.

  13. BR: That's a very good possibility, coz Google knows EVERYTHING.

    L-Andy: What Rob said. I recommend getting the Firefox updates too, if only from a security standpoint. New releases/updates fix known vulnerabilities and exploits, which is why I ALWAYS have automatic updates turned on for Microsoft products, too.

  14. Well, maybe I'll do just that. I can't remember what I didn't like about the updated browser now.

    I think it was the color. ;)


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