Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procrastination Я Us

I really should have been out and about earlier, coz I have various and sundry errands that must be attended to... like filling three prescriptions before my eye surgery in two weeks time, restocking the larder, and replenishing the beer inventory.  But we weren't out and about and we ain't gonna be so, for we are having another wind event here on The High Plains of New Mexico.  Shorter: it ain't nice outside.  None of the foregoing items are time sensitive and the beer supply is adequate for the moment, so... everything can wait.

Well, sorta.  I'm drinkin' the second bottle of that beer for people who don't really like beer and I'm seriously considerin' chuckin' the four remaining bottles in the trash.  Throwin' out beer is a RARE thing at El Casa Móvil De Pennington but it HAS happened (we disposed of this moose-piss-in-a-bottle with no regrets).  OTOH, I might save what's left of this berrry interesting stuff, if only because I have occasional female visitors who might like it.  Mebbe.

In the mean time we have an adequate stock of suitable beers for our second and possible subsequent round(s).  Coz we're good like that.


Speakin' of wind events... we were out and about for about five hours yesterday, having journeyed to Cannon Airplane Patch to resupply the meds and then over to The Big(ger) City™ for our pre-surgery eye appointment.  I made the grievous mistake of leavin' all my windows open while I was gone, with predictable results: the 40-mph winds left a fine coating of miserable frickin' grit all over every-gotdamned-thing.  I gave the desk a perfunctory wipe-down when I got back in last evening and saved the heavy-duty cleaning for today, which took me at least an hour... no shit, really.  Suffice to say our windows are shut tight today and we WILL use the AC if conditions require.  Housework is the curse of the drinking class, yanno?

About that eye appointment... I've decided to go with an upgrade and will get my astigmatism fixed when the cataracts are removed.  Medicare won't pay for the upgrade but the price is reasonable and it will be a welcome change to go through the rest of life without glasses.  Well, sorta.  I'll still need reading glasses for close-up work but that's not all THAT bad now, izzit? 

So... beer me! 


  1. Housework is the curse of the drinking class, yanno? I'm with you there Buck. That might be why the dog hair is starting to for drifts around the coffe table legs!
    Great decision on the vision upgrade, you're worth it.

  2. I didn't know the docs could fix astigmatism when they remove cataracts! That will come in handy when I inevitably develop my own cataracts.

    Good for you! Do the best you can for your eyes. Life is too short not to see every star and every cherry blossom.

  3. The upgrade on the eyes sounds like a good deal, glasses get to be tiresome after years of putting up with them. I guess a whole story could be written about how the optical people gaf you on those new frames everytime! If you tell them that you want to use your current frames, a hush comes over the room, and you are treated like a leper!!!

  4. Sand is definitely a downside to living on the high plains. The wind blew here yesterday and today. I'm about tired of it. But my windows are open.

    Upgrading the eyes sounds good. New teeth, new eyes, soon you will be a totally different person.

  5. Reminds me. Got some Landsharks that need to be chilled!
    I am stuck in the Tri Focals! But I do have the process started to go to the Eye Doc at The VA Sepulveda Hospital.

  6. Hey man...I bet it did howl in NM. Heck, it's tough here too, and y'all get much tougher winds than we do.

    Seriously...and this ain't funny, but I laughed anyway...I stepped out of my patrol car this afternoon, remembered something I'd left in there, and when I stuck my head back in to retrieve it the wind caught the door of that Crown Vic, and slammed it right on my head.

    I guess I probably got some brain damage or something. But, that was probably from before...

    Really glad you decided to go with the upgrade. At your age, it will carry you through until you've got no more need for vision. Good decision. Heck, I think everybody that qualifies medically and can afford it should go for it. I know it has made an incredible difference in #3 son's life.

    My big Sis went in for an evaluation a few months ago, and they told her "Naw...you can't get no Lasik...your eyes are gonna need cataract surgery pretty soon!" She was stunned! I guess she doesn't realize that we are getting older, and are likely to need that kind of work before we know it.

    Again...good deal! Good decision! What they can do with old fart eyes nowadays is really amazing.

  7. Agree with everyone else - duh! - the upgrade is well-deserved.

    I have worn distance glasses since I was 10; to test my math skills that means for nearly 38 years. sigh I don't mind them really; went to the Progressives last year. Did so kicking and screaming at first - by day 3 I was in love.

    Weather - it is snowing here right now. Grrrrr.

  8. Buck, save the Beer for cooking, can't make decent Bangers-n-Mash without a beer or two to sacrafice in the cooking process. I also roast chickens over tins filled with un-wanted beer.

    Not sure what to thing about all the Mk-1 Eyeball Detecting Group work as my eyes are hosed to all hell and no amount of surgery laser or otherwise will work on them. I am waiting for the Jordie La Forge Eyeball set to come out for my upgrade.

    As for the weather in your parts, we are getting snow right now here int he Swamp.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  9. Ditto the upgrade comments.

    My car is so covered up with bird poop and junk that I really need to wash it, but I won't because we're in the midst of oak flower season and it'd no no good whatsoever to wash it. Seriously -- there are oak flowers 3 inches deep on the winshield. And that's a light coating!

    Maybe it'll rain.

  10. All thank all y'all for the kind and reassuring comments, they are MUCH appreciated!

    Deb: I'd rather take an ass-whuppin' than do housework, the sole exception bein' dishes... those ALWAYS get done. I always tell people NOT to look down when they arrive here at ECMdP...

    Ed: My optometrists never gave it a second thought when I said I wanted to keep the frames I had. Things are different all over, eh?

    Glenn: Good luck with the VA. Just out o' curiosity, why aren't you going to the hospital/clinic at Edwards?

    Red: Thank ya again, Ma'am!

    Jimmy: I'm sorry to hear ya can't get an upgrade. And here both my optometrist and my eye surgeon were tellin' me there's not much they can't fix.

    Moogie: I remember oak pollen. I had four or five BIG-ass oak trees in the ayrd when I lived in Dee-troit and the cars had a green sheen about them for about two weeks. It was Ug-Lee.

    Kris: I went to bifocals in my 40s, and like you... I wasn't pleased at ALL. But the lines are invisible now (they were then, too) and the difference in one's sight is AMAZING.

    Lou: You won't know me the next time you see me. I have other body parts on order, too. ;-)

    Andy: You need to watch your head, Dude! Just sayin'!


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