Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Number 19

I was reading Elliote Friedman's blog at the CBC web site this morning and came upon this lil blurb:
Speaking of Pavel Datsyuk, walked with him to a photo of the 2002 Stanley Cup champions. I pointed at Steve Yzerman and the first words out of Datsyuk's mouth were "hockey heart." Then he talked about how much he learned from watching Yzerman during those playoffs, how the captain could barely walk into arenas but when the game started, you couldn't tell. That really meant something to the young Russian. 
Dats nailed it: hockey heart, indeed.  Long time readers know Steve Yzerman (that's his number ascending to the Joe Louis rafters) is the first name in my B-rank of heroes.  I first saw Stevie Y play when I moved to Dee-troit in 1985 and Mr. Yzerman WAS the Red Wings to me for years and years and years, until he retired in 2006.  Gordie Howe is prolly the only other Wing who is more dear to fans than Stevie and not by much.  But Hey!  Who would compare the two, anyway?  There's enough love for both.  And young Pavel is getting there, too... you see a LOT of number 13 sweaters at Wings games.

Mr. Friedman gives good blog... there are 29 other hockey "notes" at the link, including more from/about Dats, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, and Mike Babcock.  And stuff about other teams, too... as if that mattered.  dog products


  1. Sweet! A post about Joe Sak - oh, I see.

  2. Heh. I see YerMan is following the other 19 into management. Good on 'im!

  3. I just hope he doesn't pull an Yzerman and leave the Avs behind.

    Google must hate me for that comment. WV is ouscapea. That's a little extreme.

  4. Hockey Heart - I like that.

  5. I just hope he doesn't pull an Yzerman and leave the Avs behind.

    Funny enough, but neither the Wings management nor the fans hold that against Stevie Y. Holland wasn't goin' to leave as GM and Yzerman had gone as far as he was gonna go in the Wings org. So what are ya gonna do? I don't blame him a bit. If Super Joe gets the same sort of opportunity after a few years of "seasoning" I would hope he takes it, too. But that's just me.

    Lou: That term almost completely describes... in a mere two words... why I'm such a fan.


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