Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Your Father's Air Force XI: A Short Quiz

Notice anything unusual or different about this blurb from today's AFA Daily Report?
B-2s, F-15s, F-16s in First Wave of Libya Airstrikes: Air Force strike aircraft participated in the initial wave of attacks against Libyan military targets. Following the US and British cruise missile attack on Libyan air defense sites that launched Operation Odyssey Dawn on Saturday, three B-2 stealth bombers, flying from their home station at Whiteman AFB, Mo., struck Libyan airfields on Sunday. They flattened hardened shelters used to protect Libyan combat aircraft, Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, Joint Staff director, told reporters Sunday. Four F-15Es and eight F-16CJs also flew in the opening strikes, said Air Force officials. "Our bombers and fighters performed magnificently," said Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward, 17th Air Force commander and joint force air component commander for Odyssey Dawn. KC-135s from RAF Mildenhall, England, supported the strike aircraft. (AFPS report by Jim Garamone) (Mildenhall photo caption by SrA. Tabitha M. Lee) (Ramstein release) (Whiteman photo caption by SrA. Kenny Holston)
Not unusual or different... this cool pic of a B-2 from Whiteman AFB:

3/20/2011 - One of three B-2 Spirit bombers returns to Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., from a mission in support of enforcing Operation Odyssey Dawn no-fly zone over Libya March 20, 2011. The no-fly zone was imposed by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 authorizing military action. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Kenny Holston)

Photo captioned as found.


  1. When you first posted about a no-fly zone over Libya, I agreed with everyone that we should stay out. When I asked Toby what he thought, he said something along the lines that a no-fly zone would certainly equalize things on the ground. I thought that was an interesting perspective. And it seems it has.

  2. We have a some Navy Admiral and a chick with stars on her shoulder telling the AF what to bomb.

    Am I a winner?

  3. Am I a winner?

    Inno: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The chick with stars is what got me... we now have affirmative-action hires for generals. Did you read her bio? Out of all the jobs she held I was most impressed with this: "Deputy Director for Colonel Matters." DEPUTY Director...

    Lou: Equalized, indeed.

    Moogie: Sigh. I RILLY thought you'd be right on top o' this, bein' a member of the bar and stuff. ;-)

  4. I was just wondering where the "Frogs" come into play since our the Commander and Chief said that the Frogs and the Brits would head up operations in Lybia.

  5. She is only a Frocked 2-Star not a fully blood one. Yet. But I noticed she has a Bronze Star, how do you get one of them flying KC-135's?

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  6. Just been reading about an F-15 jet which came down over Libya due to mechanical failure. wow

  7. Knowing the CG 2-star CO of the 8th CG District (a charming woman), I guess I saw nothing unusual. But, then again, I also know the AF to be pretty laid back!

  8. Dale: From everything I've been reading the operative question would be "Who's in charge here?" We know the answer from a purely military perspective: USAFRICCOM, for the moment. But after that? Who the Hell knows?

    Jimmy: USAF has been giving out a lot of Bronze Stars in OIF/OEF. Don't get me started...

    Alison: I saw that F-15 thing on the news this morning. I hope it's not another case of massive structural failure.

    Moogie: OK, I had to go look up RADM Landry. An appropriate name for the 8th CG District, eh? I also saw NM is in her district. About which: Heh. (I know, I know: lakes. Still...)

  9. Yeah -- that 8th District has some interesting territory!

    Male chauvinist pig?!?! Nevah! See comment above re: "Pentagon."

  10. Moogie: All comments noted, Ma'am. ;-)

  11. Ma'am is taken strictly in a soutin' sense!


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