Friday, February 25, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons and In the Mail

First... the broadening bits, which would be a Sammy Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale.  About which one of the Alström Bros has this to say:
Reddish brown, a bit hazy with a creamy tiny bubbled head on top. Hint of spicy bready rye with cooked oranges in the nose. Very smooth and creamy, that trademark oily feeling and slick thicker body is there as with most beers from Boston Beer Co. Oily hop, faint alcoholic esters, sweet maltiness with a spicy kick from the rye and hops. Orangey herbal hop flavor is pretty substantial but the toasted grain and rye are still able to break through.
Mr. A only gives the beer a C+ and given the rest of his comments (not quoted here) I'm thinkin' that he might have sumthin' against the Boston Beer Co. in general.  As for me?  The beer has much more hoppiness than I like but it's generally pretty pleasant.  I'd buy it again.  Mebbe some day I'll develop a palate sophisticated enough to write beer reviews, but I kinda doubt it.  I mean if it hasn't happened yet...

The yellow and black card is part of what was in today's snail mail, addressed to "resident," of course.  I find "resident" two clicks more friendly than "occupant," for what that's worth.  But as far as "life's three most basic questions?"  Dang... those are easy!  In order:
(1)  The SFO Bay Area.  Wally-World if you're talkin' immediately.
(2)  For the beer, dummy.  Why are YOU here?
(3)  "To hell if I don't change my ways."  That's what Mom always said when I asked her that question.
See?  Easy.  Mebbe I should look into this seminar gig.  I smell easy money if those are the kinda things people really wanna know.  Financial planning is the hard stuff.


  1. Got some good music to go with that beer, Buck... go to Pandora and type in 'The Rosenberg Trio' If you don't like it, I'll eat my hat!

  2. Buck, back in 2005 until I was interrupted by Katrina, I was following the exploits of "Beer Man" (a retired guy like us) who was blogging about visiting EVERY SINGLE BAR in NYC to sample the wares, atmosphere, etc., complete w. photos, & write-up. Was a year-long project (needless to say) but when I returned to the innertubes he and his blog had disappeared--unfortunately he didn't keep it up for the archives (although I guess the "way-back machine" would still have his pages) It was a fascinating blog--you would have enjoyed it. He was very witty and a connoisseur of both beer and bar atmosphere--a pity he's no longer with us, you would have enjoyed him..

    PS: About your post about coffee creamer. Can you go the powdered route at all? I've found the "99-cent" stores in our area carry a wide range of flavored powered creamers--I'm partial to the hazelnut & amaretto myself. Can't BRING myself to use the Irish Cream by itself w.o. my John Jamesons--makes it seem like I'm on the wagon--pure torture--part of the taste w.o. the desired effect--a TOTALLY ersatz experience to be avoided at ALL COSTS! LOL! (although for some reason I'm not affected in the same way by the ersatz amaretto flavor--funny the way the mind works..)

  3. 1) The stork brung me.

    2) To pay the bills.

    3) To work.

    Yep, you're right Buck! Easy as pie...

  4. Dan: Thanks for the musical suggestion; I made damned good use of that. "Gypsy Swing..." who'd a thunk it? Pandora's other selections in the genre really fit, as well. Nice, upbeat, and jazzy. I like this.

    Virgil: I'm thinkin' it would take way more than a year to hit all the bars in NYC, but that's just me. NYC is an awfully big place and when you add in the little hole-in-the-wall places in Harlem or places in the Bronx where no one but a man with homie friends would DARE go, well then... But. Wow. That's quite a goal to have.

    As for the creamer thing... I have an emergency supply of Cremora in the cabinet; it only gets used in the thankfully-rare cases when I forget half & half. I don't like those flavored creamers for some strange reason. I DO like chocolate in my coffee, tho... so go figger.

    Andy: That WAS easy, wasn't it? The people that mailed that card out wasted their money. Just sayin'.

  5. Ah, Buck, it's amazing the things some people don't know. I'm sure you could straighten them out and make good money :-)

  6. 1. Dreary Erie

    2. T*tties and Beer

    3. Crazy


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