Wednesday, January 05, 2011

That Musta Been HARD

I just watched John Boehner KISS Nancy Pelosi as she handed him the gavel as the new Speaker of the House.  Aiiieee.

I wish to hell I had a dime for every platitude I've heard in the last ten minutes and a nickel for every one I'm about to hear in the next ten.  We'd have a damned fine dinner at our local Italian eatery tonight, with the best wine in the house.  

Oh, Hell.  I just might do that on my dime now that I think about it.


  1. EEEEEW! That is one homely lookin' woman. Love the caption, and have a glass of that fine Italian vino for me with hmmm, let me see, canneloni.

  2. The caption is one of the better adaptations of the famous Mae West line that I've EVER seen. We're still undecided on dinner out tonight, given as how we just now finished out "morning" coffee. But I do that because I CAN. Heh.

  3. Funny what the camer can catch!

  4. But I do that because I CAN. Heh.

    Sure Buck, rub it in.

  5. You ... are a brave soul Buck. Venturing into that visual.

  6. Sure Buck, rub it in.

    Well, it's TRUE! ;-)

    Kris: I'm a sucker for the peaceful transition of power.

    Lou: I understood what ya meant!

  7. Every time I see that picture I feel sorry for that poor man.

    Now having to go through the rest of his life, forever getting a Christmas card with that picture on the front.


  8. Heh. I think the Christmas card ideer would be poetic justice, meself.


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