Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YouTube Fail

So... there I was, over at blog-bud Kris' place where she was waxing poetic about all the lil birdies in her yard.  I was watching one of the vids she put up and this is what the Tube of You gave me:

Heh.  Bird-B-Gone.  Fail.


  1. "Bird-B-Gone" is the nickname for my pellet gun. 'Course I only use it on woodpeckers that wake me up too early with their rat-a-tat on the roof.

  2. Oh man that is just so - wrong.

    The poor birdies! Why does Y.T. do that?!

  3. The FHU used to call his slingshot that. He was pretty accurate with it (crows only).
    That's really funny though!

  4. I'm thinkin' the only time I've wanted some sort of Bird-B-Gone is when dealing with pigeons... the airborne vermin of the world. They can be REALLY obnoxious.

  5. Heh! I would add seagulls to list of airborne vermin. Winged rats!

  6. Nyuk! Double Nyuk!

    Yepsir...sellin' junk on the net, or promoting said junk can sometimes be pretty funny.

    One of my Canadian bloggers I read "Right Girl" once ran a post denouncing all the shit that Muslim women have to live was scathing, and filled with every curse word I know...and a few new ones.

    At the bottom of her post was an ad for "Find Muslim Women Online," or some such thing...a dating site with chicks all covered up. Another one (Canadian also), featured a long defense of Limbaugh, and the GoobleAds beneath it were for the DNC..."Donate now to get Limbaugh off the air." (Or some such thing).

    I guess the only birds I don't care for are Starlings. I'm actually a bird watcher, and I'm fascinated by the things. Pam knows 'em inside and out, and it's fascinating to listen to her talk about this one or that one.

    But, Starlings suck! They're ugly, and can nest in places that you've done everything possible to keep them from nesting in. They suck!

    Good "fail," though.

  7. I'm not a big bird fan or a little bird fan either.

  8. BR: You're right about seagulls. We don't see too many of them here, tho. ;-)

    Andy: Your anecdotes are the main reason I won't have ads on EIP. I agree about starlings, too. They're also NOISY lil f*ckers.

    Lou: I like Big Bird. A lot. Badda-da-boomp.


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