Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Guy Needs a Life

In addition to a life the dude obviously needs better beer.  (sigh)  There's just NO accounting for taste or the lack o' same.  OTOH, there are much better (and cuter) beer delivery systems out there.  Just sayin'.


  1. Without regards to the poor choice of beer, it's still a pretty cool set up! Once my kids left home my beer delivery system left as well!

  2. Bad beer, indeed. I'm thinking if he gets soused enough, he may end up knocking himself out with a poorly placed shot.


  3. Not on subject, but my cousin sent me some shot bottles of some sort of Plum Liquer call "funtastic" from "Uwe Müller" and I was nervous as I placed it towards my lip.

    Well, six shot bottles later that shit tastes pretty good!

    I know the second half is coming though, as my cousin being the joker has obviously meant to say I am "full of crap," and this will help get it all out...

    Alas, at 200 pounds, I have to use the light beer, or my bed creaks...

  4. Well - you have to give him props for innovation.

    His parents must be so proud.

  5. I love it! Of course, we know all about how wrong his choice of beer is Kris is pretty innovative. I can see the system being perfected and made mobile for ballparks and public events...just logon on, press a few buttons on your phone and get ready to catch your icy brew!


  6. Maybe he hasn't perfected the beer canon to shoot bottles and needed cheap beer in a can to make it all work. Or maybe he is just a poor inventor nerd type that doesn't know his beer yet.

  7. I'm with you Lou. he is just a poor inventor nerd type that doesn't know his beer yet.

  8. Once my kids left home my beer delivery system left as well!

    I've been in that boat for a long time, Dale. But I was thinkin' of adult beer delivery systems. ;-)

    Anon: Just goes to show one should ALWAYS keep an open mind. Especially where alcohol is concerned.

    Kris: I'd be proud of the boy were I his father. But we WOULD have a tlak about beer. ;-)

    Buck: That would never fly. ;-)

    Lou (and Deb): Good point. I was still drinkin' Coors (and worse) in my 20s. I didn't know what good beer was until I got stationed in the UK and I was 35 then.

  9. My dad used to drink Ale. No booze was in the fridge except a big bottle of Ale. Mom always had a bottle of Cognac in the hutch, but we always got cheap California table wine for dinner since about age 12.

    Well, after often stealing a glass of my dads Ale, I aquired a taste for it myself, and beer just seemed like water in comparison. The only beer I buy now is the Samuel Adams Boston Lager, but I will drink anything if it is free.

    Interestingly, my daily routine is to come home from work, put on my slippers, and sit in my leather chair and sip on a shot of Cognac while solving a crossword puzzle.

    Technology bores me actually.


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