Monday, December 20, 2010

In Today's Mail

Twenty Gurkhas, packed five to a tin, in rather festive colors, dontcha think?  That would be...
4 x Gurkha Doble Maduro Torpedo (6"x 53)
4 x Gurkha Fuerte Torpedo (6"x 53)
4 x Gurkha Grand Master Torpedo (6"x 53)
4 x Gurkha Legend Torpedo (6"x 53)
4 x Gurkha Master Select Torpedo (6"x 53)
A close up of the individual cigars:

Beauteous, no?  It's too bad the wind is still up, coz it's warm outside and one of these puppies would be right and proper for an outdoor Happy Hour.  And in the mixed metaphor department... We shall carry on indoors.  Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!


  1. Beauteous,yes. The wind was up here today, but it was warm. Not bad for Dec.

  2. Nothing should get in the way of a good and happy hour. Or 2 or 5.

  3. Those are damn pretty stogies. I do appreciate the artfulness of good cigars...

  4. Lou: I hear ya on the WX. I'll take it!

    Kris: We observed the ritual yesterday!

    Jim: That's pretty much the point of my cigar posts... to display the art involved. hey taste every bit as good as they look, too. ;-)


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