Friday, October 22, 2010

New To Me...

...but mebbe not to you, Gentle Reader.  The concept in this video is painful, slightly tacky, and the execution is heavy-handed, but there IS a tiny kernel of truth herein:

Don't ask how I know about that tiny kernel of truth.  Let's just say I was young and clue-free.  But that's all behind me now... there is no dog house here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  The solitary life has its benefits... however small they may be.  Well, check that.  These days I never find myself in a position where I have to be a mind-reader as a matter of course and that's a benefit of indescribably large proportions.  Ah, the simple life.

h/t to Jewel, who posted this vid in a comments thread at The Haven.  Coz Daph is in the dog house.  Surprisingly.


  1. Without revealing TMI, yours truly happens to be a resident at this VERY moment/month.

    By way of explanation, I think the guy's line, "I didn't do anything," would be pretty appropriate for Andy's current reason for incarceration.


    Ya' know Buck, this IS NOT THE NIGHT that I needed to watch this video. Perhaps three weeks ago, yes!

  2. My condolences, Andy. I've been there.

  3. Perhaps you are in need of instruction.

    Gym membership indeed.

  4. This is just seriously funny. I found it and posted it on Facebook.

  5. Oh -- and by the way -- that guy is folding the towels wrong!!!

  6. I'm not going to say much here - as a woman I don't feel it's my place to comment on the doghouse.

    Mainly because I've never spent any time there.


    And let me just say that jewelry isn't the only thing that will get a man out of the D.H. At least in my experience things that go bang will also be considered.

  7. ...that guy is folding the towels wrong!!!

    Heh. That is TRUE "insult to injury."

    Kris: You'd consider fireworks? ;-)

  8. Buck - fireworks, pah. I'm thinking of things in the 9mm and .45 ACP range. :-)

  9. I watched this yesterday, but I had some mixed feelings about it and waited to see what everyone else had to say. I just kept thinking, "Are those guys stupid or what?" Although I have never bought Toby a new ironing board or something equally stupid for his birthday, I have bought a new nightie for him. It had to be for him, because it certainly was not something I would sleep in normally.

  10. ...I have bought a new nightie for him. It had to be for him, because it certainly was not something I would sleep in normally.

    Remind me to tell ya about the time I got in SERIOUS trouble for not being sufficiently appreciative of new lingerie. Or, mebbe not. TMI and all that.

    Kris: I knew what you were on about; I was being a smart-ass.

  11. I don't seem to spend as much time in the DH as in the past. I think it's directly related to my improved ability to think a microsecond faster than I can speak.


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