Sunday, July 11, 2010

Linkage. Or Apropos o' Nuthin'. Or Sumthin'.

Ask and ye shall receive.  I asked Blog-Bud Sharon up in Santa Fe if I could steal one of her pictures (there are two more) for re-use, simply because it pleases me.  And so...

That would be belly dancers at the Agora, which I assume is in Santa Fe.  Two things are immediately obvious:  (a) I live in the wrong part of New Mexico and (b) the woman in purple is right dead-center in my sweet spot.  As a matter of fact, this gal DEFINES "sweet spot" when it comes to pulchritude.  Oh Hell yes.


  1. The Agora is one of the little shopping centers in the subdivision of Eldorado where I live.

    If I ever hear they are having more performing belly dancers, I will get a quick invite out to you to drive up for a visit, Buck!!

  2. They have those classes almost everywhere you know, Buck. You could sign up for one.

    Just a thought...

    HA! wv: reblog The Google is spooky.

  3. Wait -- I see blue, pink, red and yellow. Who is purple?

  4. If I ever hear they are having more performing belly dancers, I will get a quick invite out to you to drive up for a visit, Buck!!

    That would be cool. Even cooler would be if you knew that lady in purple. ;-)

    Andy: I think those classes are wimmen only. But I'd sign up to watch.

    Kath: The one in purple is one in not-red, not-blue, and not-yellow. It's a light purple, which some people MIGHT call "pink."

  5. See, I knew exactly which one Buck was talking about without even trying to define the colors.

    He coulda just said, "Look at that one...the one that is in my sweet spot," with no visual clues.

    I'd have known which gal he was talking about in a second! ;)

  6. I'd have known which gal he was talking about in a second! ;

    We ARE trolling, yanno?

  7. And while we're on about this... the lady in blue could qualify, too. But the brunette just has that SULTRY look about her. I'm in love.

  8. I actually thought about mentioning that the other gal was pretty close to your wheelhouse, but...

    Well...let's just say I didn't.

  9. Kath -- when the fellas are thinking with their sweet spots, all the blood drains from their brains and they go temporarily color-blind.

    It's a medical fact.

    She's wearing pink -- not even lavender.

  10. Girls! Whacha' gonna do with 'em?

    Wait! Don't answer that...

  11. ...all the blood drains from their brains and they go temporarily color-blind.

    I'll freely admit we become temporarily cognitively-impaired, but our color perception usually stays intact. But I've always deferred to any female present when it comes to the color wheel... because men just don't get things like puce, salmon, and lilac/lavender. Puce is what happens when ya drink too much, ya eat salmon, and the last two USED to be flowers. That's OUR definitions. Your mileage most definitely varies.

    Andy: Heh.

  12. Definitely pink. Maybe you should move further north where there are more women - most looking for inner peace in outer space.

  13. Pink. And speaking as a woman - she is quite scrumptious and zaftig...

    Just observing a fellow female who is proud of her curves. As she should be.

  14. She IS gorgeous. But her skirt is pink, even tho that's NOT where you were looking.

    I'll overlook that you were blinded by her looks, just don't say "trolling" again. Eewww.

    word:persurai (As in, as Buck was persurai-ing the ladies .....:)

  15. Lou: I think I get your drift. I've looked for inner peace in the same sorts of places and was generally successful.

  16. ...just don't say "trolling" again. Eewww.

    I'm open to suggestions for alternative, politically correct language. Should I say "fishing?" "Rubenesque women with shared values and a pleasant disposition are encouraged to apply for the currently-vacant position of consort?" Something else? Ya gotta admit: "trolling" is shorter. ;-)

    Kris: The woman IS stunning.

  17. LOL... a sista with curves in a belly dancing outfit... I knew IMMEDIATELY which one you'd be oodling over without even reading your post, Buck.

    May you ALWAYS have an appreciation for natural beauty, curves et all!

    WV: lickloo (that just make me giggle)

  18. Ahem. All you naysayers' attention is invited to what what The Wiki sez about the color violet, which is... and we quote: "As the name of a color, violet (named after the flower violet) is synonymous with a bluish purple." Pay particular attention to the shade depicted and otherwise known as "'Violet' (web color (#EE82EE) right" which is precisely the color of the garment worn by the object of my affection(s).

    "Consort." *snort*

    Heh. Barristers or English profs... it's a toss-up as to which is more nit-picky when it comes to the language.

    KC: The day I cease to have an appreciation for natural beauty is the day after I'm on the wrong side of the grass.

  19. Purple...violet...whatever.

    I immediately knew which one you were referring to, and I share the sentiment.

  20. I have a theory about men 40 and women with more curvy bodies.
    I honestly believe that most not all but most men under 40 don't appreciate women with more curvy bodies. I have a more curvy body and most men around my age like the model types not.

    I don't know exactly why though.

  21. I'm not sure if I was dropped on my head at some time early in life, but...

    If four naked women were dancing in front of me, the first thing I would look at, is belly buttons. My Mom said I was a pervert.

    Red must not like hers, yellow is too vegitarian, so "pink" and blue have my attention. I'd be holding onto the rope so I didn't faint (low blood flow, etc)...

  22. Ash: It's all in the conditioning. Men over 40 were raised with a different standard of "beauty" than guys who are your age.

    Anon: We're on the same page as far as colors go, but for entirely different reasons!


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