Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Bad Ol' Days

The audio is a lil murky, but stay with it.  There are some good shots of various aircraft leaving and arriving at Cam Ranh Bay... F-4s, C-130s, and a 707 or two, one in Pan Am livery... to entertain, as well.

"What the captain means is 'It's a fucked-up war!'"  Yes.  Yes it was.

H/T to Occasional Reader and former F-4 driver Virgil Xenophon.


  1. "Couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle."

    That, sir, is a pleasant way to start the morning. Thanks!

  2. You're most welcome, Sir.

  3. Heh. That was practically required listening by the time I got to DaNang. *Us* cynical??....surely you jest... :)

    (PS--left a comment about both gin and the Hawks back under their topic headings, respectively.)

  4. Pretty good. My Daddy had an AF pilot buddy who, after returning from Nam, kept telling him over and over that "They shoot real bullets, Arthur. Real bullets." I guess what the pilot meant is that it was a f'ed up war.

    I found Labatt's Blue in Little Rock! I'll be toting a sixer back to the hubby on my return to NOLA. I'll let you know what he thinks.

    -- Moogie

  5. When I saw that Pan Am I really flashed back...I was "in country" in '66, flew into Saigon on Pan Am!

  6. Virgil: The strange thing is I never heard this... only heard OF it... before you pointed me to the vid.

    Veronica? I'm glad ya found the Labatt's, Moogie!

    Mushy: Yeah, a LOT of us went here and there on Pan Am back in the day. They always treated us very well, too.

  7. That vid ROCKS!

    Virgil is the MAN!


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