Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saved, Part II

We failed our oxygen test... the one we mentioned back here.  Failure has its consequences, so we just took delivery of the spiffy lil machine you see at right... an oxygen generating machine.  Which means we are now officially on oxygen therapy, of the "nighttime use only" variety.  Which also means I'm not gonna be one of those sad old folks one sees here and there, pulling an oxygen tank along with them where ever they go.  Not yet, anyway.

Sigh.  I may have mentioned this before... gettin' old ain't for sissies.

Enough of this doom and gloom shit.  Let's do Happy Hour!


  1. That blows!

    Heh! WV: phishin

  2. Just don't mic the cigars with the O2- we don't want to read about the Casa de Movil Pennington Fiero.

  3. That sucks Buck. I understand it's necessary but I hope the dang thing doesn't interfere with your sleep.

  4. Buck - as difficult as this likely is for you, you may find you feel markedly better just with the night-time oxygen.

    Not exactly the same thing - but The Oracle has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure) machine at night. He went from being someone who could - and did very often - fall asleep anywhere anytime, to a man who can get a good solid night's sleep and not need more sleep during the day.

    Part of that is proper oxygenation of the blood. Which is what you'll be getting...

    Here's hoping it helps you.

  5. Sounds like it will help you get GOOD sleep, wouldn't that be nice?

    And, of course, I HAVE to mention the no smoking sticker -- I think they mean that in more ways than one!

    (I would say R2D2, but you said you don't know movies.)

    Good luck!

  6. Buck, just a boring observation. I grew up here at close to sea level elevation. I don't remember ever seeing very many people with oxygen tanks.

    When I was 30, we moved to Durango, CO (about 6500 ft. elevation). One of the first things that struck us was the tremendous number of folks walking around with oxygen tanks. I mean, we'd see more in a single day in that small town than you would in months here in a rather large metro area.

    Louisiana has one of the largest percentage of smokers it was curious to us. We finally assumed that the altitude must have something to do with the need for oxygen therapy.

    In fact, living back here now, I can go weeks out in the public and not come across anyone with a tank. (Maybe they just don't get out around here!)

    I note that Portales is roughly 4,000 ft. above. I know you're not hankerin' to make a move any time soon, but it would be interesting to see how you do when you travel to lower elevations.

    But, I'm sure you've probably thought about it already.

  7. Gee, Buck, it is not like you to fail a test! But if it makes you feel better, do it.

  8. As a couple others have pointed out, perhaps a permanent move of Happy Hour to the outdoors - at least when it includes smokeables - might be prudent :-)

  9. ... gettin' old ain't for sissies.

    Sure does beat the alternative though. Tote around a bottle of nitrous oxide instead. Blue Velvet starring Buck!

  10. Andy: SN1 and I had that altitude discussion when he was home, mainly because he complained about it after playing bassetball... noting he got winded too quickly and the fact that P-Ville is at "Olympic training altitude." Doubtless the altitude has some effect but just how much remains to be seen. I'll find out in July when I journey back east for SN2's change of command ceremony. I think Buffalo is pretty near sea level.

    Lou: You weren't with me in Algebra classes (both in the normal school year and the make-ups in summer school), were you? ;-)

    Kath, Jim, and WWW: Well, you can rest assured there will be NO lit cigars when that machine is on.

    Kath & Kris: I always get good sleep, it just occurs at irregular hours. Your point is well taken, tho.

    Dan: I'm pretty sure this WILL help.

    Anon: I LIKE the way ya think!

    And thank you ALL for your kind words!

  11. An "older" gentleman, in replying to the courtesy question of "how are you doing?", replied, "I'm on the right side of the grass."

    Cheers -- and sweet dreams!

  12. And, aren't you proud of me for avoiding the temptation to correct Andy's comment? You know -- suck, don't blow?

    Well, I guess I sorta avoided it.

  13. Moogie, I did that on purpose.

    Just sayin'...

  14. Heh. The "blows" thing went RIGHT over my poor ol' gray head. And I've been known to use the "right side o' the grass" comment, as well. But only of late.

  15. Buffalo is in the Recruiting District that I'll be taking Command of... and it's a nice place that happens to have a Navy Ship downtown. So, we're having the change of Command there. I live just North of Pittsburgh, where the district's Headquarters is located.


  16. What the Commander didn't see was the extensive off-line discussion Laurie and I had on the subject. I realize we've yet to finalize all the plans, but Lord willin' and the creek don't rise you may get to meet Laurie and her Hog-ridin' Main Squeeze in July. We... Laurie and I... talked about that, too. You and I have some talkin' to do, too. ;-)


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