Friday, May 21, 2010

False Start

So... there I was... waay the Hell off in The Land of Nod, 0815 hrs.  I had gone to bed sometime after 0300 hrs and was deep in that sweet spot o' sleep when the phone rang.  A way-too-cheery-for-the-hour voice on the other end of the airwaves identifies her sweet self as someone from American Home Patient Services and advises me of her intention to drop by in about an hour and a half with an oxygen monitor for to do this "are we gettin' enough oxygen while we sleep" test my doctor wants done.  If'n that's OK with me.

Fine, sez I.  C'mon down.

And so we rolled out, fired up the coffee pot, cleaned ourself up, and tidied up the abode so as not to offend anyone's sensibilities.

My new lady friend arrives at the appointed time and proceeds to demonstrate how one employs this device.  Except it doesn't freakin' WORK.  Dead On Arrival.  Oh, well.  Sorry about that.  See ya Monday.

She really was a nice lady, though, with a way-cool biker tee shirt.  We had a short and pleasing chat about mo'sickles and then she was gone.

I see a nap in my future.


  1. Go ahead boy...BREAK YOUR TOYS!!! ;)

  2. I never even got to touch it. She was trying to turn the damned thing on to do the demo and it refused. I think there's sumthin' there on the order of "check your shit before you deploy," or some such. There I go again, being all military and stuff.

  3. Sorry the test equipment failed on you. Bummer.

    I really like that night pic: moon over Super 8.

  4. Yeah Dan, it is kinda' "romantic," no?

  5. Damn. I think I see a nap in my future as well. Life it too short to forgo naps, so I take 'em whenever I possibly can!

    W/V "suckbom"...I don't even want to guess.

  6. @Dan: I did an image search for sumthin' appropriate for this post, along the lines of "interrupted sleep" and didn't find anything. Then I remembered some old night shots I took last year... I need a longer lens, tho.

    @Andy... I'm glad you recognized the pic for what it is (or was... once upon a time). ;-)

  7. Christina: You got THAT right... the nap thing. Soon. Real soon.

  8. I took a nap yesterday - the mini-vaction caught up with me.

    It is kind of funny when someone tries to show you some new, fancy machine, but it does not work. Usually, causes me to snicker.

    verification word: nobrapl - could mean "no problem" or possibly something about underwear.

  9. I took a loooong nap yesterday as well, Lou. We called Happy Hour way-early, seein' as how we were up early and napped most of the afternoon.

    I felt bad for the lady when her device failed. She was embarrassed.

  10. Anyway, I hate to be a party pooper, but does your doctor know you smoke cigars?

    Of course you need more oxygen!

    My Mom needed oxygen just before she became one with the spirit world, and she let me use it.

    Damn! that stuff is good. I think a nice cold oxygen while you're sleeping is better than an air conditioner.

  11. Anon: Yep, he knows. The FIRST thing he asked was "Do you smoke?" I replied in the affirmative... "cigars, one a day, sometimes two, and I NEVER inhale." He nodded and said "fine." No lectures there, not even the usual warning about oral cancer.


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