Friday, February 26, 2010

Not To Flog the Dead Horse Or Anything...

But.  The LA Times has a sensible POV in this piece: "Medals, yes, fun, no: Olympic thought police take aim at champagne-chugging Canadian women."  Excerpts:
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Wipe that smile off your face! The Olympic fun police are on the prowl.

It wasn't enough that International Olympic Committee Mr. Miserable-in-Chief Jacques Rogge had to sour the last games in Beijing with his dour criticism that sprinter Usain Bolt's celebratory showboating is "not the way we perceive being a champion."

This time, just as everyone was having a little fun at the Vancouver Games drenched in tragedy, it is Canada's gold medal-winning women hockey players who have had to apologize for being happy. Champagne-and-cigars happy.

Long after the joyous crowds had gone home, with only cleaners, venue staff and journalists — busily telling the story of Canada's 2-0 win over the United States — still in the building, the women went back onto their home ice at Canada Hockey Place with cold ones in their hands and had themselves a party.

Anyone with a sense of humor couldn't help but laugh at the photos of Haley Irwin and Meghan Agosta on their backs on the ice, sharing a fat cigar, or Irwin pouring champagne down the throat of Tessa Bonhomme. Goalies Charline Labonte and Kim St-Pierre posed at center ice, lying on their stomachs with a giant bottle of champagne resting just above the Olympic rings. Rebecca Johnston clowned around on the ice-resurfacing machine.

Read the whole thing. It's good to see not everyone has lost their bleeding minds.  It appears the IOC has backed way down on this lil brouhaha, as well.  Too bad they didn't just keep their mouths shut to begin with.


  1. "Too bad they didn't just keep their mouths shut to begin with."


    I got an idea for your next supposing...Try to stop the sun from rising tomorrow morning, Buck.

  2. AMEN! HALLELUJAH! Very well said.

    Now watching the Canada vs. Slovakia game. Canada leading 2-0 in the 2nd with 19 mins to go. Still anyone's game really.

  3. 3-0 Canada in the 2nd with 3:06min remaining.

  4. HOLY CRAPOLA... we just have our chance to go for Gold against the USA ... by the skin of our teeth!!! Canada barely took it with a 3-2 score.

    Oh man alive! CRAZY CRAZY emotions!

    Sunday - GOLD MEDAL - Canada against USA.


  5. Yup the media are going to have a field day with this forever which is why the less said about the celebrations by the IOC dude in the first place, the better.

  6. Has anyone alerted the police in Florida about KC's imminent arrival? She is Canuckian, and she is planning to party....

  7. The IOC has always had a severe case of Cranial Rectumitus. Given.
    And the party reminds me of some of the girls I went to high school with, in Bow Island, Alberta a long time ago! KC, I am torn between both the teams in the Gold Medal Games.
    And our girls could have whipped the entire IOC and COC with one hand!

  8. Well, the editorial got it about right, Buck, as you said, whether one thought the celebration tacky or not, the IOC should have simply let everyone draw their own conclusions one way or the other. The ghost of Avery Brundage is still alive and well...

  9. KC: I watched the game last night and nearly turned it off at the end of the second period. Yer boys were in complete control at that point... and then Holee Shit! You're right: you squeaked through that one. I'll make no predictions about Sunday... it could go either way.

    Alison: Agreed... they should have just been quiet.

    WWW: Heh. Thank God for that!

    Gordon: But won't she be under adult supervision? ;-)

    Glenn: I knew some fun ladies from Saskatchewan when I was stationed up on the NoDak-Sask border!

    VX: I personally think it's the clash of 19th century morlas with the present day. Or sumthin like that... ;-)

  10. ooohhh... you calling Old Iron an adult??? He'd be insulted with that remark!!! We Canadian chicks know how to have a good time, no doubt. I have my stories that will remain unpublished for the time being... and would make any grown man blush. And usually, hockey was/is involved in some manner or another. Usually... but not always. LOL!!!

    OK... I am torn as well. Not because I am all rah rah U-S-A - far from it. No - its mostly because it's going to be crazy the intensity and even the had a few athletes (non-hockey related) mention they are worried about the potential backlash from Canadians - rioting and what not. I don't think it will come to that - or I would pray that it doesn't but even the athletes here, including some on Team USA - are afraid of a possible backlash!

    I know we are HARD CORE hockey fans and for some its a religion - but I would like to think that would not be the case.

    Its super intense these days... in an exciting way! I will need LOTSA booze to cope and come down from the high that have been the Olympics!!!

  11. Heh. Publish those war stories, KC. We're waiting with baited breath, we are.

    And yeah, I was referring to Old Iron. I think this falls into the "it's hard work but someone has to do it" category, no?

    I can only imagine the mood in Vancouver and the rest of Canada as Sunday approaches. The mood here is one of HIGH anticipation... Hell, even the newly minted hockey fans (I won't name names) are all a twitter. It's ALL good...


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