Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a Quickie...

... to note that everyone pretty much assumed Team USA would play Switzerland tomorrow.  That may not come to pass, as Belarus tied Switzerland 2 - 2 at the end of the second period.  Jonas Hiller is NOT having a good day.

This is a good thing for Team USA.

Update 1542 hrs:  Switzerland in the shootout.  So it will be USA - Switzerland tomorrow.  We can do this.


  1. Go team USA, PLEASE beat Switzerland. A sucky nation.

  2. Belarus has been a surprise these Games. I'm impressed with the little itty bitty nation!

  3. but.... women's hockey:


  4. Let us pray that the programming Einsteins at the network don't force us to watch two hours of curling reruns first.

  5. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/not-quite-miracle-ice

  6. I got to see a bit of Canada vs Germany last night - switching back and forth between hockey and skiing. I'm still relying on you to feed me full of hockey news.

  7. Alison: I'm pretty sure we'll take the Swiss. But Stuff Happens, and quite often in hockey.

    KC: Tomorrow's game will probably be the second biggest game for you in these Olympics, eh? Depending on the outcome of the tilt at 1600, your time. ;-)

    William: I've had it up to HERE with frickin' NBC. Nice link, too!

    Lou: Team USA plays on Big NBC today at 1300, your time. The rest of the games are on CNBC.


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