Friday, February 26, 2010

Fall Out

We fell asleep on the couch earlier this evening sometime between 1900 and 2000 hrs and awoke just after 0100 hrs this morning.  Such are the benefits of the unstructured life of an elderly geezer.  But Hey!  Six hours of sleep are enough for most people, right?  The only "problem" I have with this concept is... Dr. Pepper?  Or coffee?  We've had enough beer for awhile, so that's right out.  We opted for Dr. Pepper to start and will move to coffee around 0400 hrs, unless we decide to head back to bed.

So.  What does one do in the dead of a winter's night?  Here's a clue:

Click for larger, of course.  This is what immediately caught our attention:  "Beery gold-medal celebration could get Canada's women's team in trouble."  (That link is mostly photos; story here.)
More than half an hour after they clinched their third consecutive Olympic title, they came back onto the ice. Beer was involved in their festivities.

The International Olympic Committee plans to investigate the matter and whether the players' celebration outside the locker room is harmful to their image and the game's.
Oh, for cryin' out loud. The IOC and its Canadian subsidiary need to get a damned life.  Of COURSE the women were gonna celebrate and of COURSE they were gonna knock back a couple.  As for me?  I wanna party with these girls:
More than half an hour after they beat the United States 2-0 on Thursday, the players came back from the locker room and staged a party on ice — swigging from bottles of champagne, guzzling beer and smoking cigars.
 I wanna party with Gillian Apps. She looks like my kinda gal.

And ride the Zamboni with Colleen!

"Swigging from bottles of champagne" is all well and good, but it's the guzzling beer part that I like.  And driving the Zamboni.  But not at the same time, of course.

VANCOUVER - Hockey Canada apologized Thursday for an impromptu party the Olympic women's hockey team threw for itself on the Canada Hockey Place ice after winning the gold medal.
Canadian players, still wearing their uniforms and with gold medals draped around their necks, celebrated their victory by drinking champagne and beer at centre ice following a 2-0 win over the United States.
The International Olympic Committee said it will investigate the celebration, which included drinking by one of Canada's underage players.
The underage drinking accusation?  The woman in question is 18, the legal drinking age in Alberta but not in BC (where the age is 19).  OK, letter of the law and all that.  But still... if anything offends me about all this it ain't the partying, it's the IOC.  Shut the Hell up and go do something productive, like importing snow or sumthin'.

In other comment... here's a blurb from the WaPo:
In front of a raucous Vancouver crowd ringing cowbells and frantically waving thousands of maple leaf flags, Canada thrived on its home fans' relentless cheers. The Canadians dominated every aspect of the game, earning their 15th straight Olympic victory.
Playing with a consistency and passion its men's team can only hope to emulate this weekend, Canada hasn't lost at the Olympics since 1998, when the Americans won their sport's first gold.
Cherry, the Hockey Night In Canada commentator and radio show personality, appeared on the Jim Rome show this week during which U.S. commentators ragged him about Canada’s loss to the Americans.

“They were giving it to us (Canadians) pretty good,” he said. It was, ‘This is your game. How goes it feel? And you’re going to lose again.’ They were kidding, but they weren’t kidding, if you know what I mean.”

“I said we are going to win the gold. This was before the game against Russia. I said, we’re going to meet your guys in the final and we’re going to kick your ass.”
Ol' Don always has "a few words" when it comes to Canadian hockey players, all of 'em good, never bad.  He saves the bad-mouthing for the Europeans mostly, but Americans certainly aren't exempt.  He's the homer's homer, in every aspect... and anyone who has ever watched Hockey Night In Canada knows exactly what I'm on about here.  Cherry is most definitely one of those guys you either love or hate... and I fall into the former category.  But he's wrong this time.  Are you listening, Team USA?  Don't be lettin' us down.

And now back to reading more of those 4,578 articles about the wonderfulness of Canadian wimmen hockey players.

Update, later that same morning:  Gregg Krupa, writing for The Detroit News:
The Canada Women's Ice Hockey team returned to the ice long after almost all of the spectators had left Canada Hockey Place -- and, boy, did they party!
It was fun to see, and it reminded me of celebrations after winning the Stanley Cup, especially back in the old days, when Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay and Alex Delvecchio and the boys used to douse each other with champagne, drink beer and whip out the stogies, at the old Olympia.
We do not see too many cigars involved in the latter day versions.
Steve Keough, a spokesman for the COC pointed out something that most of us in Metro Detroit know about our Canadian neighbors.

"In terms of the actual celebration, it's not exactly something uncommon in Canada," Keogh said.

Do you think so, eh?

I wonder where this all will lead?

But, to be perfectly candid, I am a little bit more interested in whether the cigars were Cubans, and if there is any way, at all, of me driving a Zamboni, before I leave.
Heh.  Read the whole thing.  I know from whence Mr. Krupa speaks.


  1. I admit I haven’t watched any of these Olympics but this story caught my eye this morning. Congrats to Canada and the Canadian ladies! And a pox on the organisers for making such a song and dance about their song and dance. If you court the media with your lofty opining you make a silly situation an ISSUE. The media is pure evil. It is the media publishing the pictures and stories at the end of the day and delivering the image to the world. So don’t hand them the story, don’t overhype the “poor image” of underage drinking if that was indeed the case …and hell, let them enjoy their well deserved celebrations, cretins.

  2. As I said in the post... I have zero issues with the partying - I admire it and wish I could have been there to help out. I don't mind the media publishing the pics, either, I have issues with the spin they put on the story. If they'd have just published the pics and the NEWS... with out the frickin' pontificating... they'd have done us a good turn. The IOC can go piss up a rope and do their harumphing somewhere else. Like ya said: a pox on them.

  3. You know, we are talking about Canada here. Not mush going on up there in the fist place. When the smallest thing happens, they call out the royal mounted police and lock down the counrty.

    Oh Canada!

  4. I am going to hear no end of this from KC.

  5. I agree with you Buck. They didn't trash the place, they just had a well-deserved celebration. The IOC needs to just chill out and join the party.

  6. Decorum, class and sportsmanship, something the Olympics is supposed to be all about. You folks here and the Canadian Women’s team just don’t get it.

    I’m afraid to ask exactly what would be out of bounds in your books?

  7. I think the celebration is well deserved and appropriate.

    I want to drive a zamboni, too.

  8. Heh! LOL...#10 looks like she could be your daughter! I swear man, that shot of her with the stogie is priceless...

  9. RLM: I respectfully disagree. There's a LOT going on in Canada. It's a helluva fun place.

    OI: Oh, yeah... I hear THAT! ;-)

    Kris: Agreed. The Old Boys need to harumph somewheres else.

    Small Tee sez: I’m afraid to ask exactly what would be out of bounds in your books?

    Well, then: don't. There's not a damned thing wrong with drinking beer and lighting up cigars on the ice after a momentous win, especially after the arena has been cleared... which it was.

    Lou: re: Zambonis. Go read this piece by Blog-Bud Jim. Too cool!

    Andy: Or my granddaughter, LOL!

  10. As you say, Buck, big deal. So they had a beer or two. I know what has most of the PC crowd up in arms - the cheroots. They were... SMOKING! Oh, Noes! What a horrible example for our youth!

    Oh, wait a minute. They ARE our youth. Nevermind.

    This, and all of the furor over Mike Millbury's "Eurotrash" comment... lots of folks with nothing better to do than stick their overly long proboscis into other people's soup. Screw them.

  11. The reason this is an issue (ridiculous one at that... but I didn't make it an issue) is that all NA athletes, including the US agreed to a 'code of conduct' while at these Olympics. Part of that is to protect the brand (the team and country which you represent) from scandal, especially in how you celebrate wins. Apparently in the past there have been too many scandals with athletes that have marred the image and the brand. This is why this is an issue - they were still in uniform, celebrating AND there was one lady not quite legal yet (again - idiotic because I bet that girl has drank way more than I have at 18).

    Its the code of conduct and not protecting the brand that is the issue. While they are in uniform AND wearing medals - one MUST be in line with the code of conduct.

    (btw... not a VANOC rule. It was set the NOCs I believe. So I can't be blamed for our ladies busting out the booze & stogies, just as I would have)

  12. ... the IOC and NOCs agreed to that rule. New of course to these Games and I believe future Games as well.

    That is why they sent US Bronze medalist Scott Lago home after a few apparently scandalous images with him sporting his bronze medal. He was very close to violating the code of conduct... so to avoid it happening again - they sent him packing!

    What our ladies did was far LESS 'scandalous' than what Scott did but his wasn't even that terrible! So it just goes to show you how they've gone to extremes with this code of conduct.

  13. This PC nonsense just crawls all over me. Did you see the joy on those women's faces on the award podium? And EVERY SINGLE ONE of them sang their national anthem!

    Besides -- they conducted themselves like perfect ladies during their celebration. Just look at the pictures! Gillian has coordinated her outfit with her adult beverage of choice!

    'Nuff said.

  14. Canada’s women’s hockey team had an excellent tournament overall, but the way in which they celebrated their gold medal win over the United States last night was classless and trashy!

  15. classless and trashy???
    HARDLY!! We aren't talking about Miss American Paegant here people!! This is HOCKEY for crying outloud! And would the reaction be the same had it been the men's team who won and did the same thing? HIGHLY DOUBT IT.

    The women celebrated with beer/champagne and cigars - HARDLY classless and trashy about it! I don't get some people!! Seriously! What did you expect? For them to go put on gowns, wave and go bake you a cake?! THEY WON GOLD!!! Their only faux pas was that they were in uniform, on ice, at an Olympic venue and one 18 yrs old was seen drinking a BEER (oh the HORROR).

    Geez... some people have their heads on backwards.

    Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee, told the Associated Press, “We condone celebrations. … We don’t condone actions of irresponsibility. I think Canadians understand it’s quite an emotional moment for our team. It was not our intention to go against any IOC protocols.”

    To be sure, the Canadian women's hockey team should have acted with more class and been a little more discreet with its celebration. But to do something drastic like ban the team from the Closing Ceremony or force them out of the Olympic Village would be an overreaction. In past Olympics we've seen steroids, political boycotts, cheating and judging scandals. A few puffs of a cigar hardly seems to be in the same league.

  16. "Classless and trashy?" Now that's just ridiculous. And trashy. And a little classless.

    It's beer and stogies, to celebrate the biggest moment in their sports careers. If I ever find myself part of a team that proves that my country is the best in the world at something, I'll be hard pressed to stop at beer and cigars.

    And because I must: Those ladies can ride my Zamboni any time.

  17. “There's not a damned thing wrong with drinking beer and lighting up cigars on the ice after a momentous win”

    Obviously Buck, I respectably disagree, as it appears a couple other folks here. Which I’m glad to see some people still understand that there is a time and place for certain behavior, especially in international competition such as the Olympics.

    Representing your country and fellow countrymen, which is what you do when you put that Olympic uniform on, is an honor and a privilege which carries certain responsibilities beyond any one individual’s /group’s selfish desires to engage in whatever conduct they see fit to partake in.

    I’m willing to bet there is probably certain conduct they you would find objectionable but yet plenty of people wouldn’t. And who is right?

    These are mere opinions, on an inconsequential incident that has absolutely no bearing on much of anything. Hardly worth getting exited about, especially considering we have so much common ground on plenty of other topics.

    We disagree, period. It happens. I’m still coming back here tomorrow (well, Monday actually).

  18. KC,

    “And would the reaction be the same had it been the men's team who won and did the same thing? HIGHLY DOUBT IT.”

    Ah yes, the old straw man argument. You KNOW what everyone/anyone who disagrees with you would feel if it was the men. Right, you win.

    “Their only faux pas was that they were in uniform, on ice, at an Olympic venue.”

    Hmmm, “only“…yea, that’s not much…considering THIS IS THE FREAKIN” OLYMPICS!

    “Geez... some people have their heads on backwards.”

    I totally agree.

  19. All of which, tim, begs a pretty decent question: What is acceptable in this case?

    I hear what you are saying, and I am a huge proponent of holding people responsible for their awareness of the image they are projecting, especially when it comes to representing one's country (if I felt any differently, I would vote Democrat). But what's wrong here?

    That they are going to celebrate is a given. But, no matter where they celebrate, no matter what they are wearing when they do it, they are representing Canada and Canada Hockey. They could be dressed like clowns, or wearing evening gowns. They will always be the Canadian women's hockey team celebrating their Olympic gold medal. Which means that - if your standards are to be upheld - they are not allowed to celebrate at all. Unless it's Kool-aid and cookies, or in some dark basement where nobody else will ever know they did it.

    I'm just not sure that a post gold medal celebration is the time and place to demand somber and understated behavior. I mean, they could have gone and trashed their hotel rooms , right?

  20. OK, I take back what I said about Canada. It was actually the American press that get all over the team for celebrating a victory, which there is nothing wrong with.

    Which just verifies my belief that 95% of the commercial press is in business for the shock value. The more shocking they can twist the story, the better....for them.

  21. Given that the Canadian national pasttime, sport and passion is hockey - I daresay their countrymen believe they represented them quite appropriately given the magnitude of the win.

    I understand about the rules of conduct etc...and as Buck pointed out the rink was nearly empty. I don't see the ladies talking trash about their competitors like some other Olympians this year, I don't see stories about their chilly relationship among themselves. I see an exuberant bunch of young women celebrating a well-deserved victory with a well-deserved party that seems to be appropriate to their sport - on the ice.

    If that's classless and tasteless, please may I join them?

  22. Or, tim, in the immortal words of The Slowskis of Comcast fame:

    "Why do you hate fun?"

  23. AMEN Kris from New England! Sorry - I get defensive about my Countrywomen (and men too), and understand completely when they do something wrong, accountability is necessary. For anyone. In this case - LOL - seriously?? Really? COME ON!!!

    I mean in terms of how 'we' celebrated: “In terms of the actual celebration,” he, Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee, said, “it’s not exactly something uncommon in Canada.”

    No - in fact, that is rather subdued celebrations!!! And Andy is right - at least they didn't go trash hotel rooms while saying IN YER FACE (OK I added that last part!!)

  24. Jim: Yup.

    KC: Thanks for the explanation about the "Code of Conduct." About which: laws were made to be broken. And what Old Iron said!

    Math Geek: See this piece. The singer speaks for us.

    Moogie: Coordinated, indeed! I would have had a Labatts, tho. Molson is just this side of moose pee.

    Small Tee sez: We disagree, period. It happens. I’m still coming back here tomorrow (well, Monday actually).

    Noted, along with your other points. But dang... I would have LOVED to have been there, just to... ya know... help out. OTOH, I probably would have been in the USA dressing room, consoling the inconsolable.

    Seattle Andy: Valid points all. The celebration... at least as much as I saw in the pics... was just girls having fun. No one ripped their jerseys off, or anything. Dammit.

    RLM: I did manage to find a couple of articles in the MSM that essentially said "Good for them!" But those were pretty rare. Two, I think.

    Kris sez: If that's classless and tasteless, please may I join them?

    Me too! Me too!

    Andy: Heh. X2.

  25. KC: I think we win in this case. I only count two opposing viewpoints here. I was looking for something suitably Canadian to wear in a pic post in solidarity with Team Canada... beer, cigar, etc., but I seem to have lost my Maple Leaf toque. ;-)

  26. Buck - given the topic at hand, I would think the beer and cigar would be enough to "represent"...


  27. There is nothing that says you cannot celebrate your win in the code of conduct - which is why I am confused by the tasteless and trashy about any of this. Code of conduct is CODE OF CONDUCT. Yes. No doubt. But you're remarks are ridiculously anal in this regard.

    The IOC will determine what they determine. But there was nothing trashy or tasteless about their celebrating their victory, without mocking or insulting (unlike MANY a competitor at these Olympics) their oponents. Now had they done THAT - I would agree with you, as a Canadian. But no. I take offense to your opinion and comments. And yes, there IS a double standard because it is expected of men to celebrate their victories differently than women. And that just isn't acceptable at this time.

    And sorry Buck. But his comment got under my skin. And I would feel the EXACT same way had it been the US winning Gold and celebrating in the same manner.

  28. Oh... and one more thing Tim - how are Olympians from around the world expected to celebrate a victory? With a golf clap and a cheezy smile? Off you go with your inconsequential win attitude?? Perhaps if you come from a country with no personality.

    What you have failed to answer after being repeatedly asked is what is an acceptable code of conduct then? What do YOU find is acceptable?

  29. Buck's opinion is OBVIOUSLY prejudiced because he is a cigar AND beer affectionado and thus IN NO WAY should his judgment in these matters be trusted! :)

    (I must admit I'm old-school amateur Olympics and thought it WAS tacky and closer to the actions common in the professional ranks of most sports. Still, in a day and age in which feminine PC demands women "can have it all" and ape the men, I say fine--just bring back the draft and draft women as well as men--THEN we'll see how much women love "equality" of the sexes! :)
    Of course the "shamateur"era and the inclusion of professionals from the BB ranks, etc., to solve the hypocricy of under-the-table payments, etc., to enable people to continue in their sport due to the impossibility of holding down full-time civilian jobs probably made such things inevitable as the amateur and professional worlds blended. Still, as an both an old coach and player I deplore it even as I'm hardly shocked. Plus, as a non-smoker, I've got my OWN prejudices! :)

  30. Rant on, KC! You KNOW I got your back.

    Virgil: What the hell you mean my opinion can't be trusted? ;-) We're unbiased and our integrity in these matters is above reproach!

  31. Easy there, KC. We know tim from a long time gone, and he isn't looking to denigrate anybody. He disagrees, that's all.

    Besides, tim comes from the same country I do, so the "no personality" implication slides right past the "poking fun" phase and into the "one more and I'm showing up at your door with a Louisville Slugger" phase. ;)

  32. Andy... with all due respect - but if someone comes swinging with comments like that - back 'em up. So far he hasn't. And I never implied the Americans have no personality because I know - you do. What I'm simply saying is exactly what I stated: how are Olympians from around the world expected to celebrate a victory? With a golf clap and a cheezy smile? Off you go with your inconsequential win attitude?? Perhaps if you come from a country with no personality. The 'you' isn't TIM personally but a generalized YOU.

    If he can quantify his comment - perfect. So far, he hasn't. And yes, Andy, I do understand - at some point, we will all simply have to agree to strongly disagree on this point.

  33. This is such a great thread. I wish I could take it home with me.

  34. Buck what I meant was, simply that the Olympics dude should have been smart and stfu. If you want to make a mountain out of a molehill bleat on about it to the world's press like a holier-than-thou asshole. Whatever the rules, whatever the issue with the underage chick...whatever. It's not the end of the world and in such a situation some common sense should have prevailed in the mind of the Olympics dude: it's a celebration. A quiet word about protocol or whatever would have sufficed later. Let it fly.

  35. OI: I hear ya. It's the best comment thread at EIP, evah. But we have one of the best commentariats in the sphere... no doubt.

    A: Gotcha!


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