Friday, February 26, 2010

Break Out the Beer!

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USA - Finland begins in a few short minutes.  Dunno if we'll live blog or not.  But rest assured we shall be watching, fresh from our mid-morning nap.


Update:  Oh, Kiprusoff... you f*cked up BIG TIME!  USA 1, Finland 0. 

Update:  USA scores on the powerplay at 6:22!  Yay Parise!

Update:  Powerplay clinic in progress.  USA 3, Finland 0.  The last goal a beauty by Erik Johnson. 

Update:  Kiprusoff is gone.  USA 4, Finland 0. Kane scores... USA scoring at will.  Backstrom in for Finland.

Update:  Kane gets his second of the period, Rafalski gets his second assist.  Blowout in progress.  USA 5, Finland 0.  Jeeze... I can't keep up.  Two goals in 15 seconds, the last by Stastny.  Zow.  6 - 0.

Update:  Backstrom makes a save!  YAY!  /snark 

Update:  End of the first... SOG: USA 13, Finland 4.

Update:  Gettin' chippy!  Ruutu gets a misconduct, USA on the PP yet again.  Finland's defense steps up, USA fails to get a shot on the PP.


Update:  A few moments ago... Premature celebration, aka "Solidarity!"

Update:  End of the second.  USA defense is holding the fort, the pipes are Miller's friend.  Still 6 - 0, USA.  SOG:  22 - 11, USA.  Beer me! 

Update:  Bettman.  Asshat.  Nothing to add. 

Update:  A bit of "Inside Teeball" talk by the commentators about the endboards at The Joe.  The Great Unwashed won't get it but I do.  Heh.  Still 6 - 0.

Update:  Miller pulled in favor of Tim Thomas.  Team USA obviously feels the game is in hand.

Update:  Finland (Mettinen) gets a face-saving goal at 14:46.  Well... stuff happens.  The outcome ain't in doubt, tho.

Update last:  Well.  Two statement games, two identical outcomes.  You're next, Canada... assuming you win your game tonight.  Your wimmen might have taken the gold, but the outcome of the men's gold medal game is in SERIOUS doubt.  Bring it!


  1. My goodness - two scores in 15 seconds!

  2. NO kidding! I'm amazed. Pleased, too!

  3. I'll tune in for period 3 to see if it's a football score.

  4. One of my Facebook friends posted this: " Näet, mitä oli tapahtunut, oli is Finnish for "you see what had happened was...". Which is what their hockey team is trying to figure out. "

    Love it!

  5. There's a lot to love here, Moogie. I gotta pace myself on the beer. ;-)

  6. BRING IT ON MISTA!!! I think the men's game is gonna be crazy - so much pressure on both the US and Canadian teams after the women's win. Whoa - it's gonna be INTENSE!

  7. "Bettman. Asshat. Nothing to add."


  8. KC: Remember what I said about what goes around comes around. I hear crow ain't THAT bad with lotsa Tobasco.

    Andy: Thank ya , Sir!

  9. Oh... and KC... there's those Slovaks, first. We SHALL be watching.

  10. Dude - I took the second half of my workday off so I could head to the bar and watch this game. Within 10 minutes I was thinking "shit, now I just kinda have to go back to work."

    Of course I didn't, and this beer and cigar I'm enjoying should prove that.

    WVerification is "pirde." Slightly misspelled version of the truth

  11. Andy: Heh. We're doing EXACTLY the same thing here at El Casa. And lovin' it!

  12. I have faith in my boys... and if they fail this afternoon... then the US team DESERVES to win!

    I won't make any calls on should a US vs. Canada games happens on who WILL win. I know who I want to win - but its a tough call. My heart is bleeding maple syrup but I won't say we have it in the bag. Because I know - we don't. It will be a battle royal - or not. But one worth watching nonetheless.

  13. No pics, but it's a Sierra Nevada Porter, and an Ashton Cabinet Pyramid, oh by the way.

  14. KC: The wise among us won't call the next game, true.

    Andy: Had to take a brief siesta... but we had an Acid Deep Dish and a few New Belgium Mighty Arrows.

    Katy! Good to see ya!

  15. @KC: We'll be here Sunday @ noon Pacific, you be here, too.

    And may the best team win.

    And I wouldn't *dare* prognosticate. BOTH teams are Just Too Damn Good.

  16. www - I will be at the Closing Ceremonies!! My very last day working for VANOC and the Olympics so I will be glued to a TV somewhere close to Closing Ceremonies (probably in the Athletes Village). I'll catch up with y'all afterwards!

    Regardless of who wins - it will be epic. And nerve wrenching. Someone, somewhere will get hurt. No doubt.

  17. Thank ya, A. Those self-timer thingies are very useful.

    WWW: Yeah... all bets are off for the final. There's just too many intangibles and the teams are the class of the field. But you KNOW where my heart is!

    KC: I suspect EVERY teevee in Canada... EVERY SINGLE ONE... will be tuned to the game. Too bad you have to work. I mean that.

  18. heheh... they have moved 3 TVs into my area and the Games are on all of them. So YOU KNOW I will be watching it but from work. And then mozy on over to the Closing Ceremonies.

  19. I didn't for a minute think you'd miss this!


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