Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's Happy Hour...

... is something of an occasion.  And a treat, too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

We got off our dime this morning and made the journey out to Cannon Airplane Patch for a commissary and Class VI store run, seeing as how the weather is about to take a ride in that ol' proverbial hand basket and it ain't gonna be warm.  Unfortunately.  As a matter of fact, our temps are forecast to barely break freezing tomorrow and Friday and there's a distinct possibility we'll have snow.  So there's that, for starters.  

But to get to the point... I wandered in to the Class VI store and was pleasantly surprised to see Chimay on the beer shelves, albeit only in a special commemorative package that included one bottle each of Red, Blue, and Triple, all in the company of a Chimay tulip glass.  Well... Hell Yes!  We bought one.  And we're now about to go sit outside and enjoy the relatively warm weather while it lasts.
Our cigar today is a Partagas Black Label in the Magnifico size and our soundtrack is Motown on Pandora.


  1. Definitely never heard of this one. Nice glass, tho. I like that.

    Yes, your forecast sounds like here. Saturday is supposed to maybe get in the 20s and we're to have snow. Oh, keen. Great. :(

  2. I love Chimay and have one of those glasses too. Cheers Buck. Have a wonderful Happy Hour. Im frozen solid and off to curl up on the sofa!

  3. I recall from this research I did a few years back, that this is a close cousin to classic Champagne. And it certainly does bubble that way.

    Of course, you like it somewhat close to room temperature...I like it frosty. I'm sure if you put yourself up to the "real man" test you'd pass with flying colors, judging from your steady hand with the indoor camera shots. But of course the world will never know.

  4. I predict that we will get the wind and cold, but no snow. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! (and I hope I'm proven wrong because we do need the moisture, as you well know)

  5. Kath: If you're a beer drinker Chimay is worth the effort it takes to find it.

    Alison: Stay warm!

    Morgan: I like my beer around 50 degrees or so. I'm quite sure you've seen and heard this sorta thing before (from me, even), but... I'm right, yanno? And what is this "real man" test you speak of?

    Jenny: I'd be OK with rain, but the forecast is for sleet/snow... and the NWS sez there's a 90% chance. I don't care for that.

  6. At first glance I thought you were drinking beer from Chimayo - New Mexico that it. I new they were famous for their black-tar heroin, but I didn't know they made beer. I'm glad I looked again and read on - sounds like something new to try.

  7. Chimay is good stuff, Lou!

  8. Oh man, Chimay and a Partagas maduro.

    That's the way to do it, all right.

  9. Rob: You betcha! (as Miss Alaska would say.)


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