Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Norman (click for larger)?

Or Buck?
You can get your very own personality evaluation here.  The site uses the most amazing technology to scan your entire Twitter stream, your Facebook wall, all your blog posts, and your LinkedIn data (among other things) to determine who you really are.  Now izzat cool, or what? 

I noted one small problem, however.  "Norman" has virtually ZERO presence on the web... so howcum he's smarter than Buck?  Or perhaps this is self-evident.

Buck, OTOH, is obviously the more social of the two entities even though he's dumber than a rock.  We'll get back to you once we figger this conundrum out.  In the meantime we shall remain Buck on the inter-tubes.


  1. It reads like a summary of someone with multiple-personality disorder (ICD-9 300.14), and you know, maybe that is the answer.

    Or maybe I'm just graspin' at straws.

  2. Okay this is a riot. Tale of Two Bucks.

    The amazing thing is how different Norman is than Buck. Norman is the brains of the outfit but likes capital letters too much. Buck is online a lot but void of emotion. LOL Perhaps mkfreeberg is right -- multiple prsonalities?

    I wouldn't do this test for anything!!!!! You're a brave man,, Norman.

  3. Morgan sez: It reads like a summary of someone with multiple-personality disorder...

    So I assume you took the test, then? ;-)

    Sharon: I thought this was just too funny to pass up.

  4. Being one of the ones who don't use Twitter, have no Facebook account, or MySpace, and Jeff lets me wander in and out of his blog when I can -- I don't think I'm a good candidate for a test like that. How scary!!

    Altho -- I did find out that there's a woman on Facebook who spells her name just like my whole real name (which is a bit of an odd name), but she is DEFINITELY not me. Lucky her, right?

  5. But ---- WAIT!! I have a question!!

    What happened to "Norman"? How did Norman become Buck? Did you start that for your "tough" military name?

    ("What happened to Norman?" Sounds like the title to a murder mystery -- ohhhhh, scary.)

  6. I used a few variants of my name - full "andrew" version, andrew with middle initial, and just plain andy. The first two were pretty much idiots, the last was nearly respectable, and told me to slow down on the emoticon use. wha?!?

    Oh, and I put out too much information about my corporation. Whatev.

  7. Kath - same question I was going to ask.

    Unless it's been published before, I suggest it's time Norman tell us how he became Buck.

  8. I'm afriad to do the Mike Minzes - Realliveman comparison. Scaaaryyyy!!

  9. Kath: We're similar in our on-line habits. Now about the Norman/Buck thingie... My Dad was nicknamed Buck (real name: Berl) and I became Bucky from Day One. I dropped the "Y" in high school, but my parents never did... I remained Bucky to them until the day they died. Which made for some interesting moments after SN1 was born. He too became "Bucky" (real name: Ivan). So... whenever we would go visit my parents life became strange. Both my father and I would respond whenever someone called "Buck," and both SN1 and I would respond whenever the 'rents called out for Bucky. Weird.

    Andy: How strange, eh? TMI about your corporation? Hunh?

    Kris: See above.

    RLM: Oh, go on... give it a go!

  10. Well, I happen to know that Buck is almost as intelligent as Norman. Perhaps they took into account all of those brain cells that Buck killed during various happy hours?

    (You didn't need 'em, anyway. They were just cluttering up your skull.)

  11. Hmmm...noticed that when I ran it...same it discern content between you and I?

    Also ran it with my real first name and Buck...different score...but similar to your second...

    Hmmm...more research required...

    I've had a couple of glasses of wine...THEY'RE OUT OF BEER HERE!

    Can't complain though...

    Safe in Qatar...


  12. Don't we all have two personas - ??
    I like my friend, really, I do!

  13. Ha, ha -- SN1, out of beer!! Seems to be plenty of it New Mexico.

  14. I like it when you guys are in a good mood, you crack me up.

  15. Did you really name your son Ivan? Hey, whatever works...and it seems like Major Buck was none the worse for wear.

    I thought about doing this thing Bucky. But, a couple of things held me back from it. might be a scam to collect my Facebook password (which I have forgotten due to lack of use), or other online sensitive junk that could be held against me in a court of law.

    #2...I don't know whether to use my dignified first name "Harold," (yep, that's really my name...don't laugh, Norman!) or my regular old hayseed middle name, "Andy."

    Regardless, it was fun learning about how Norman got to be known as Buck.

    Aw crud... Word verification: amisses

  16. Jim: Yeah, I've killed off quite a few brain cells in one way or another and don't regret losing a single one.

    Buck: Glad you're safe and having a cocktail or two. What the Hell are you doing in Qatar?

    Cynthia: Good point... I have AT LEAST two, LOL!

    Dan: My mood's been pretty good of late, strangely enough.

    Andy: You don't have to give any personal info to play that game... it's a spoof... i.e., it doesn't really do the stuff it sez it does.

  17. I'm not sure I want to do the scan - maybe I don't want to know who I really am :)

    We had similar problems with names, since Hub II, Hub III, and Hub IV were all alive at the same time - but we changed over to Toby and Bo as nicknames.

  18. But wait -- I have a question.

    BB -- does that mean four husbands?

  19. Well, they got one thing right with mine....

    Frequency Score:
    Your frequency score is moderately high; if your job is not internet research, then stop wasting company time.



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