Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're Gratified...

... in at least one respect today, frozen water lines aside.  The USPS is at work on this Boxing Day and a uniformed agent of that august organization knocked on my door a few minutes ago and put this neat lil box in my hot lil hands:

You can read just as well as I can, Gentle Reader, and you'll note the nifty packaging contains a minor indulgence... which is to say five Oliva Serie V cigars in five different sizes.  From the linked review:
Cigar Insider released a vertical tasting of the entire line in September 2007 with the average rating weighing in at a whopping 89.7 points. The Torpedo led the pack with an individual rating of 94 points. CI claims, “The Torpedo was an outstanding cigar, with aesthetics, strength, complexity and many flavors that kept the cigar interesting and balanced.”
It's obvious the review I'm quoting is two years old, so let's hope the 2009 edition of this cigar lives up to the reputation established by the 2007.  I'm thinkin' we'll put fire to the end of the torpedo for Happy Hour today... which we'll kick off when we return from Wally-World later this afternoon.  Cue up Ms. Simon:  "Annn-tish-a-PAY-shun..."

Update, 1800 hrs or so:  A fine cigar, indeed. Here we are, a few puffs into it:

This cigar is billed as the strongest in the Oliva line and my initial impressions were along the same as those expressed in the review I quoted earlier... to wit:
Upon lighting, many may believe the Serie V is medium in body, but as Jose Oliva himself has explained, if you exhale through the nose you will realize the true strength of the Serie V.
Boy Howdy, is that ever correct! My first exhalation through my nose left me thinking "Wow... powerful!"  Subsequent exhalations were less... umm... "invigorating," but the strong leathery and slightly acidic sensations never really abated.  Which isn't a negative comment - we prefer medium to robust flavor in our cigars.  The Serie V didn't disappoint in the least in that regard.  And it's beautifully constructed, as well.  The cigar has an easy draw complimented with a nice ash... as you can see:

And finally... a remark about our ashtray.  This chromium beauty is an antique of sorts, what with having sat on our father's nightstand since my very earliest memory, which goes back to 1949 or so.  She's a beauty:

This is one of my treasured possessions, albeit one that shows the ravages of time.  The chrome isn't as bright as it used to be and there are pockmarks in the plating.  All that just adds to its beauty though, as far as I'm concerned.  I'm thinking the Ol' Man would appreciate the use this artifact is still getting today.


  1. I'd say that is a mighty fine seegar ya got there, Buck!
    A rather good Boxing Day, Eh!

  2. And to think, I thought a torpedo was what us submariners used to deprive other vessels of the ability to float.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Buck!

  3. Buck, I'm not a seegar smoker museff, but I appreciate a fellow that appreciates 'em.

    Just curious here...Can you not drip your faucets, or is it that a pump freezes up, or is it the main supply to your casa?

  4. You look like a very happy man Buck! Very happy and well satisfied. These are very good things.

  5. Glenn Boxing Day was very good... I hope yours was, too!

    BR: Well, there are torpedoes and then there are Torpedoes, LOL!

    Andy: The problem was with my water line into the coach (we have water again, as I type). I DID have a drip set Christmas Eve, but as mentioned in another post the flow wasn't sufficient. No more drips for me... there will be a thin stream of water coming out of my tap from now until April 1st!

    Kris: Well... I'm about as pleased with things as I can get these days. That would be an eight on a scale of ten. ;-)


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