Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wanna Guess...

... what we're doing right now (OK... a couple o' few minutes ago, anyhoo)?  Here's a clue:

Today is one of those days that make living on The High Plains of New Mexico worthwhile.  Which is to say it's a most beautiful day, indeed.  The sort of day that makes sitting outside with a cigar and a suitable libation... in this case a couple o' Fat Tires... almost mandatory.

Our windows are open wide and we're being entertained during Happy Hour by the five-cent profundities of Van Morrison, the Allman Bros, and various and sundry other rock 'n' roll philosophers.  Which, of course, brings back memories of Former Happy Days, interspersed with ruminations on the perfection of nature's architecture... made all the more evident by the skeletal form our trees have taken on in winter. 

That... and thoughts about "who are those people and where are they going?"  I don't think it's where I'm thinkin' it is or might be... coz the direction is all wrong.  But that doesn't mean the occupants of that aluminum tube streaking along in the ether so far above me can't make a connection once they arrive at LAX, does it?  I prefer to believe they ARE heading off in this direction, as it suits my fantasy at the moment:

"Sounds so sweet with the sun sinkin' low..."  Ah... an objective, to be sure.  Soon.  Very soon.


  1. Looks like you are having a heat wave! Wish there was a way to box that weather up and send it north. Cold and wet in this neck of the woods. But it doesn't hinder partaking of a 2 Below. Indoors of course.

  2. As long as the wind does not blow, I can stand the cold, but I sure like this little bit of fine weather. I also like a James Taylor. I went and got a fresh cup of coffee and let the video upload completely. Then I sat down and just enjoyed. Thanks!

  3. I awoke to a single digit temp this morning - 9. Wind chill at below zero. Winter is officially here in the frozen northeast.

    High today should be around 28 with a crisp wind.

    I don't mind the cold really, even the wind if I'm properly dressed. There is something very cleansing about this time of year.

  4. Sorry, I have been repetitious on the wind thing.

  5. I can't watch any Ewe Toob at work, but I know that line by heart. But I prefer the Buffet version to Taylor only because Taylor's version sounds more ominous to me. Which is fine, he wrote the song!

    We have rain today, but there will be a fine dinner date tonight with my girlfriend which will include Port and an overnight visit to the Barco.
    I will think of you Buck, while enjoying the meal and company... and make sure that we have a wonderful time in your honor!

    w/v "racepe" What a redneck uses to make a meal.

    Have a great warm weekend!

  6. Well, I can't drink every day like you do, being not of that capability or retirement age yet, but I definitely enjoy winter weather that allows us to just throw on a jacket and go outside!! And James Taylor is always a good bet.

    (And, yes, we are expecting 7 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow. And, yes, the mass hysteria abounds today! Geez.) :)

  7. Doesn't it make it all seem worthwhile when everything just sort of comes together? Yes, it does. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. BR: Well, if it helps... and I'm sure it does ;-) ... I'm sending lotsa sunshiny thoughts your way. It might also help to know we're gray, overcast, and chilly this morning. Very wintry-like.

    Lou: I don't think you're being repetitious about the wind at all, compared to present company. Wind is the root of most evil, yanno? I'm glad you liked the JT... "Mexico" has always been my favorite of his many great tunes. It rings more than a few bells with me.

    Kris: I feel yore pain and I like your attitude. Some folks deal with winter better than others!

    Darryl: I'm thinkin' "Mexico" is one of those songs that sounds great no matter WHO does it, even sleazy Angeles City/Olangapo bar bands. Your evening sounds just great... I'll raise a glass to you and yours around midnite, your time! ;-)

    Kath: Being able to hold Happy Hour every day is the CHIEF benny of retirement, not that working for a living ever stopped me. I don't envy you your WX tomorrow. Hang in there... rent six movies and curl up on the couch!

  9. Oops. Ya, Jim... you're right.

  10. ...I like your attitude. Some folks deal with winter better than others!

    Well I see it like this: I was born in New England but I could live someplace else. I choose to live here and that includes wintertime.

    And we're due for a blizzard this weekend - which I normally don't mind except we are due at The Oracle's family on Sunday for the Christmas thing - out of state. About an hour away. We may go up on Saturday night if necessary.

  11. Just remember Buck, not EVERYONE gets to play the role of being a "High Plains Drifter." Just you and Clint Eastwood, right? :) Ought to get some local hot-shot detailing artist to paint that on you're bike! :)

    (OF course that little phrase seen on a hot bike just might attract the attention of every cop in the area...LOL! )

  12. Kris: I'm watching the WX Channel as I type and it looks like this storm is a bad one. You be careful out there...

    VX: The paint job is an interesting idea. And yeah, I like my role in life at the moment!

  13. I can help you out. If you are interested in where planes are headed, all you need is a personal radar. Alas, it is 5 minute delayed, but you can figure it out I'm sure.

    Cannon FlightAware

  14. Thanks for that link, Henri! Bookmarked, fer sure.


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