Friday, December 18, 2009

I Got Nuthin'

Well, except for this (caution: lotsa F-bombs and various other unpleasantness):

Jesse Ventura might be a former SEAL and a former governor but he's also a world-class asshat.  And what prompted me to post this lil bit of unpleasantness, you may ask?  Ah, just a lil sumthin' blog-bud Morgan put up today, which fired off my synapses.  I saw an abbreviated version of the above on Red Eye a few nights ago.

You could have had a re-run, yanno?  Which might have been better'n this, at the risk of flattering myself.  Or not.

Beer me!


  1. Buck, I'll be honest with you. From what I saw on this video...if I had been Ventura, the bald squirrel would have been tonight's "Blue plate special" at "The Road Kill Cafe."

    I think Jesse held it together quite well. Sure, he's an asshat. He was "stupid" for letting himself be in that situation in the first place.

    My friend, I have often wished that I was 6'4", 200-something pounds...and could REALLY MAKE MY POINT WITH A JACKASS LIKE the bald dude.

    Alas...I'm just 5'8", 140 lbs. Again, from what I saw in that video, I think The Body was remarkably restrained, and disciplined.

    Sure, Ventura is a nut-job, conspiracy type. But, I have had my own doubts about "WHY" we're in this pile of dookie.

    So, I'm still kinda disappointed that Jesse didn't put the Oklahoma Stampede, or a Sleeper Hold on squirrely bald dude. You know he wanted to...

  2. I gotta day that I agree with Andy.

  3. I know how to spell "say". My finger's don't though.

  4. I'm of the opinion there was a lot more than was shown on this vid. Keep in mind I saw the discussion of this incident on Red Eye and not just the video. I don't buy into Ventura's "if you didn't serve then shut up" BS. I almost never play that card; the only time I'll use it is when some asshat starts going off ON the military (i.e., you're all brain-dead idjits and the like) and then I'll slam it on the table.

    Andy: I'm 5' 8" and all of 120 pounds soaking wet, so I hear ya in that space. ;-)

  5. Count me in with youse guy's in agreeing that the bald one is a maggot.

    What is this, the 5'8" club????

    I have always believed that anyone over 5'8" is a mutant. There. I said it!

    This video is more proof for the reasons to not listen to any of those asshole radio loudmouths. That goes for Stern, Opie and Idiot, Bubba the Assponge, Lex and Loser and all the rest of the morning drive sphincters who spew filth and ignorance.

    I gotta go put on some reggae to mellow me out...

  6. Jesse may be a bit odd, but he showed great restraint. I would have walked a lot sooner or hurt someone.

  7. Didn't catch it. Didn't listen to it. Can't stand his voice, even with the hearing aids out.
    And at 5' 3" and 140, almost ninety percent of the population is not normal to me. Not to mention the once crushed T-9 Vertebrae, a blown miniscus and a missing kidney due to cancer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


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