Thursday, December 10, 2009

Comment of the Day...

... over at Lex's place, on the subject of Miss Alaska, her recent editorial in the WaPo, and Leftie reax to same:
The best thing about Sarah Palin is the every time she speaks the reaction from the left is so over the top that any rational person has to say: “What could possibly be that interesting?” and proceeds to tune into the Sarah Palin channel which, even if she’s not totally your cup of tea, comes across as a reasonable sort, especially in comparison to her tormentors, who are found writhing in the corner, foaming at the mouth, and generally making asses of themselves. As a bonus the so called “women’s movement” groups get exposed as, not all that interested in promoting women at all seeing how their silence at the obvious attacks on a leading WOMAN go strangely unanswered.

So no matter what you might think of Sarah Palin you’ve just got to love the apoplexy she causes on the left. If she didn’t exist somebody would need to invent her for the cause.
Yup.  What Ol' T-6 Flyer said.  It's well-known in certain circles that I'm a Palin skeptic even though I haven't posted a whole helluva lot on the subject here in the home space. Which is by way of saying I've engaged a lot on the subject of La Palin in comments on other folks' blogs.  I've yet to drink the Arctic Princess' Kool-Aid and I truly believe it's way too damned early to be talking about 2012 presidential candidates.  But... two things: (a) I simply LOVE the way she makes the Lefties go completely bonkers and (b) I totally enjoy crossing swords with zealots of any persuasion.  And who knows?  I might jump on the Palin bandwagon if she keeps on making sense and causing coronaries on the Left.  Especially the latter.


  1. Anybody the main stream media, left wing politicos, and Hollyweird loons hate as much as Sarah Palin can't be all bad.

    Not sure if she's running, and have no idea what the country will be like in 2012, but I sure am enjoying watching Barry's poll numbers drop, and the left and their Sarah Derangement Disorder.

  2. Many people are afraid of a woman with power, unless that woman happens to parrot the Liberal Party Line.

    A woman with power who happens to be stunningly beautiful and seems approachable?

    Double plus ungood, according to "Liberals".

    I think it is perfectly fine to dislike her politics. Just leave the personal hate and jealousy outside.

  3. She embodies everything that the left supposedly embraces - a woman who is successful on her own and who has it all - family, children, career.

    Problem is she is missing 2 critical elements - the ivy league education and the leftist talking points.

    She is a walking conundrum to the left - and I love watching them twist, squirm and otherwise work themselves into a lather over her.

    They go nuts because she remains in the spotlight, yet fail to realize that she remains there in large part because they just can't help themselves - they can't stop talking about her.

  4. Yep -- what you all said! Especially the "making the Left squirm" part.

    Heh. Double heh.

  5. They hate her for so many reasons. But if there is a single, unified, tippy-top, great-grandpa reason, I think it is this: That stuff they keep saying about how "Now anybody can become President"? She proves it. And it's the very last thing they want. It's an ancient lefty dream to be a kingmaker. "I feel a tingle up my leg about this guy" and suddenly he's a viable candidate where he wasn't before. "Ms. Clinton, who is Gawdwanaland's vice-deputy minister of the Interior?" and if she can't answer right, suddenly she's out of the running.

    Palin doesn't play by that game, and this circumvents these rules. That's why the rage intensifies so much. It's the only thing they can do. Like a four-year-old who's thrown a tantrum and been told "answer's still no," all he knows how to do is throw a bigger one.

  6. Buck, like I've said before, I'm not a Palin fan, either. But I am a fan of watching the left whip themselves into a frenzy over her. And they just can't help themselves.

    I think she provides value in making sure liberals keep their eye off the ball whilst we regroup and groom a candidate who has what it takes.

  7. Look...she's hot!

    I've got plenty of problems with Sarah, but she's hot!

    Seriously, my wife's Uncle Bill is a displaced Okie, a 50-year Alaskan, and knows Sarah personally. Bill is the kind of guy you can't pull anything over on.

    He says that she is the real deal. Now, whether being "the real deal" will be enough to suffice in Presidential politics is another question.

    But one thing I know for sure is that SHE'S HOT!

  8. I do like and admire her. She comes across as a straight shooter. Am I on a 2012 bandwagon, not yet. But I do consider as a candidate that would get my vote.
    And I am with Buck on enjoying her cause the left such seizures. I do get such great amusement from it.

  9. Tempting as it may be to form a "enemy of my enemy is my friend" alliance, I hope all this talk is a joke. Join the Sarah crowd if you want, but you should do it for the right reasons.

    I would encourage you to go on the evidence.

    Evidence that she's the (ugh, I hate this phrase) "real deal": High, and getting higher. Evidence that she's some kind of a dimwit: It was never really there was it? Just a whole lotta "that's just the way I feel."

    Meanwhile, she's a capable leader & organizer, level headed, good values, sensible priorities, knows what she's talking about, believes in the inherent right of people to exist and defend themselves. That, and when it comes to who's going to watch your kids over a weekend or two, even the most radical hardcore lefty-lib will pick Sarah over Barry. Provided they care about their kids.

  10. She did a great job running Alaska. I'd prefer her common sense and experience over Obama's (lack of same) any day. Real people who meet her genuinely like her. There's something to be said for looking someone in the eye and getting a sense for who they are.
    And she's fearless.

    Loving mountain folks as I do, I was intrigued from the first introduction. I couldn't believe how quickly the Left (and some of the Repubs) jumped on her before she was barely out of the gate. That was a big mistake on their part.

  11. I am just NOT A FAN - and can't see myself ever voting for her... We need a bit of experience after this amateur hour we are enduring now. Don't forget, her state population is less than most mayors of large cities deal with and she didn't do it very long.

    That said, the behavior about her from the left AND the right is outright ridiculous. She is not a moron, nor does she walk on water.

    Can we all unite over 2010 first? - please...

  12. I think you all made some great points and I am in agreement with most. Personally, I like Sarah, but I was disappointed that she did not finish her duties as govenor. I don't think she is Presidential material, yet, and she seems to have given up her chance at getting more experience. But then I didn't think Obama had the experience either. It just goes to show that "anyone can be President."

  13. Morgan is head over heels in love. ;-)

  14. Thanks for weighing in, all y'all. Some things need a direct response...

    Morgan sez: Tempting as it may be to form a "enemy of my enemy is my friend" alliance, I hope all this talk is a joke.

    Hunh? You think I'm joking? Given the way I feel right now (and I KNOW "feeling" is anathema to your highly-structured way of thinking - insert big-ass grin here), the "enemy of my enemy" bit is about the only justification I would have for supporting Palin... right NOW. (Offer subject to change and may not be available in all states, employees of SarahPAC are not eligible for prizes.)

    Andy: Yep. She most definitely IS that.

    Daph: Heh. "Smitten" is the word I think you're lookin' for. Just sayin'.

  15. Smitten is right. But I use the big head to decide these things...

    That's as contrasted with the Palin-haters, or Palin-bickerers, or Palin-instinctive-recoilers, whatever ya wanna call 'em. You mention (parenthetically) the problem with feeling one's way through these things. If those folks don't have that, they don't have nuthin'. Ever try to get one of them to explain the thought process to you? It's never there. It's always that leapfrogging..."I just don't see her that way."

    Poor wretches. If they were hanging onto the side of a cliff and Palin stretched a hand out to 'em, I guess they'd go crashing down to the valley below. Because whether you want to acknowledge it or not, that is the situation...

    The only other thing to hope for is a 1968 thing, where the dems mutually agree with their incumbent that he's shot his wad and needs to retire. It could happen. But I don't put a lot of stock in that, and I'm not too pleased with the outcome of events in '68. So yeah. Think this stuff out. That's my advice. And I must say it's done alright for me.

  16. ...the problem with feeling one's way through these things. If those folks don't have that, they don't have nuthin'.

    Thank you, Mr. Spock; I recognize that some of us are wholly illogical. Unrelated perhaps, but... certain of those same folks also tend to be a lot of fun, too.

    Because whether you want to acknowledge it or not, that is the situation...

    Dang, Morgan! There ya go again with this "end o' the world" crap. The situation is dire, it's ALWAYS been dire, and it always WILL BE dire. Missing that particular point is rather amazing (or amusing: you choose) for a guy who prides himself on the quality of his logic and thought processes.

  17. I haven't read the SEVENTEEN comments yet, but I'll bet "blog bud" Freeburg is up there somewhere.

  18. Right on, Mr. Freeberg.
    Right on, Buck.

    AFCAPTBUCK, congratulations on making your handle obsolete.

  19. I am a Sarah Palin fan. I think she is great for our party during a time when a bunch of wimpy GOP men in power are making absolutely no impact on things at all. Sarah is there saying the stuff most of us believe, rallying a profoundly discouraged and angry electorate, and sticking to her conservative values.

    Was I disppointed when she resigned as Governor? Yes. Do I consider her a front runner for 2012? WAY too soon to tell. Would I vote for her for president? Also way too soon to know, but I do not rule it out.

    I am just enjoying what she is doing NOW - making headlines and speaking up for our values and making the libs go crazy. Anyone would be crazy to not see that as a good thing for our party ... in my opinion. :)

  20. She has a man's jawline. I never trust a woman with a tranny jawline. Shudder! Aside from the trivial, the job requires intelligence. That Couric interview was so pathetically easy it was embarrassing to see a woman cave and flail under hardly an ounce of pressure or questioning. It was appauling. So. She's daft as a box of frogs, sorry. You guys can do better than this for your first woman leader. Your lefties, as Im discovering more and more lately from experience, freak the f out over anything. I thought we had it bad.

    hello btw Buck! been working on the Avatar premiere so its been hell recently, not much blogging. You would have loved the techie side of it !

  21. Bob: Heh. I'm thinking Morgan has some sort of "Google Alert" set up for "Palin." ;-)

    Sharon: Ah... you rabble-rouser, you! I think La Palin is entertaining, too. Like you, I dunno if I'd vote for her.

    Alison: Ya better watch out... if Morgan reads your comment he'll take ya to the woodshed, tout suite. He has a ton of boilerplate on the Couric interview (just to name one point) ready for cut 'n' paste in situations like this.

    And... The techie side of nearly anything fascinates me!

  22. Oh man really? And we'd chop wood no doubt. But who's? :D I'm right wing, a major Thatcher fan as you no doubt know. I'd like to see America have its first woman leader. Preferably a proper conservative one which she isn't. Hence I do not rate Palin one bit. That interview was simple enough. She totally flunked it. I'm sure this Morgan fella isn't bothered about my opinion. I cannot vote there!

  23. While all your comments on Sarah Palin's jawline do not interest me one bit, I am totally intrigued, though, to know why you say she is not a "proper" conservative. i do not think there has ever been any question about her conservative beliefs.

  24. In the same way that all the comments on her apparent "hotness" don't interest in me in one bit either I expect! Or seem relevant to her politics. It's merely as irrelevant an observation as the others.

    To my mind, being a Thatcher fan, so looking at it from that perspective, there is not a single thing about this woman in general politics that says to me "small government".

  25. I am a Thatcher fan too.

    I am also a Palin fan.

    That just does not seem inconsistent to me.

  26. There is simply no comparison between the two. I would have liked to have seen the first woman President of the US be something other than the political equivalent of an X Factor winner. And into small government!


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