Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday was a weird sorta day. We began our day by vanquishing our insomnia demon and rolled out of bed at 0900 hrs, assisted in no small part by an insistent cell phone which does double-duty as the only alarm clock I'll ever own from now until the Dirt Nap. We ran through our morning rituals and got ourselves all psyched up for what we thought was gonna be the Final Chapter in our Adventures In Modern Dentistry… the installation of our implants… which was scheduled to go down at noon. Most of the psyching up consisted of visions of a huge slab of rare, bleeding beef … either prime rib or perhaps a big-ass Noo Yawk steak my self-promised reward once the light at the end of our dentistry tunnel appeared. We have waited over a year and a half for this, oh yes we has!

And we will wait a lil bit longer, too, coz I was confused. I thought I was getting my new teeth yesterday, but I didn't. Instead... I got what are called "healing caps" installed, which seems to be some sort of euphemism for more slicing and dicing of my gums and the installation of yet MORE hardware in my head. And sutures... lotsa sutures. So: No rare bleeding beef. No Happy Hour or cigars either, for that matter. It was lotsa Aleve and an extended nap… or more like a bunch of serial naps, interspersed with a lil light reading.

So... three more appointments and then we're done: suture removal in two weeks, "impressions" for the prosthetic implants in five weeks, and final installation on 12/17/2009. (sigh) It's always sumthin'.


 Ummm... Yeah, I have done that... why do you ask?

Blogging will be light today, as I'm going to spend the entire day over at Daughter-In-Law Number One's house doing laundry. I'm free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty! I'm free at LAST! … from the frickin' Laundromat, anyway, if only for a few months. (With apologies to both Buck and Erma for making light of the current situation.)

And Boy Howdy do we ever have laundry to do… I've exceeded even my normal slothfulness, procrastination, and inertia where this odious chore is concerned, what with exhausting ALL my tee shirts (including the vintage tee shirt supply), ALL my sweatshirts and polo shirts, and actually dipped into the sole remaining shirt supply in my wardrobe: those with actual buttons and collars. And my laundry bag is literally overflowing; I'll need to find something to stuff the overflow into. I'd take a picture but that's erring on the TMI side of things. There are some things you simply don't need (or want) to know, Gentle Reader.

So. Today is laundry, Beatles tunes with Sean, and mayhap even a beer or two if we feel up to it. I think we might.


  1. I know the KIDDO will be really happy to see you today! I talked (well, emailed back and forth) with Erm today and she told me he's excited to listen to the Beatles with Grandpa! I know he also can't wait to show you his new guitar, fresh out of the store...a bit early, he stills owes a few dollars on it, but the credit extended as a reward for his straight A's!

    Wish I could be there to enjoy too, but as we all know, duty calls.

    I do have one request: Please take at least one pic to record the occasion? I can't watch any videos (streaming media isn't allowed at work), but a nice photo of the two of you would sure do me good!

    I have received emails with video...hmmm...

    Have a great day!


    Word verification: MONSOSPH...nope, I got nothin!

  2. The only good thing about a laundromat is that you get the laundry done in one fell swoop. Visiting with the DIL will be much better.

    I went to type "one fell swoop" and I wondered where do we come up with such phrases.

  3. Ouch! On the dental front. Can you get dem fine dental magicians to get you a diamond studded grill? Stylin' and Profilin', I always say.

    Consider increasing the skivvy supply to at least 20. Unlike the feminine version, men's skivvies are cheap and stow in small places.

  4. I'd take a picture but that's erring on the TMI side of things.

    Blogging. Sometimes doing it wisely, means knowing what to leave out. Jeff Goldblum would be proud of you.

  5. Dental stuff - ick on all fronts. So it seems you'll be celebrating the new year with that bleeding beef (which sounds like a nasty British saying doesn't it).

    And because I'm a curious person and had a quiet day today, I thought about what Lou said above and figured - well, the Internet will have the answer.

    Herewith the origins of in one fell swoop.

  6. Buck, it will be done soon enough, I know what you are going through. On the Laundry front, I always liked the laundry matt only because I could use as many washers as I needed and dry most everything in one dryer. Now the ironing, that's a different story!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  7. Ouch with the teeth stuff. Hope you aren't in any pain.

    I'm losing my blogging mojo.

    I'm still coughing and hacking my way through the week. I've been signed off work for a week though I still have access to work email. You would think I would have something to say but I have zero mental energy. As well as the physical side of bronchitis which is a nasty little bugger as viral infections go thats for sure. I got an inhaler though. Which was kind of exciting as I'v never had one before :D

  8. Bummer Zulu on the dental front, my friend. At least the end is in sight. Hope the recovery is a speedy one!

    Word Verification: droosell...seems rather apropos in light of the dental work. Ha!

  9. Well, I've bought underwear instead of doing laundry twice in the past couple months. Once was at Sheppard, I was just too damn lazy to go do laundry. The second was once I got up here...there was laundry somewhere in the VOQ area, but it wasn't my building...reference above mentioned laziness.

  10. Buck, did you get to the "inversion of underwear" stage yet? Or did you, like Mike, just buy some more? :)

  11. I guess I'm the odd man out here - I like doing laundry. Every week all the clothes go from dirty to clean, neatly folded and put away.

    The control freak in me likes that.

  12. Buck: Yesterday was good... as you know from the offline.

    Lou: You do have a point about the "one fell swoop" thing. It's the laundromat's ONLY virtue.

    Darryl: Yeah... a grill is JUST what I need! Heh.

    Morgan: Yeah, knowing what to leave out can be a real problem. :D

    Kris: Thanks for the ofs link. And it ain't so much doing laundry I hate, it's the frickin' laundromat. Like you, I did all my laundry every week back in previous lives. Or someone did it for me... whatevah.

    Jimmy: I don't own an iron. There are some things I just WON'T do!

    Alison: Dang, Girl... this crud of yours has hung on quite a while... I hope you get well soonest!

    BR: We're feeling quite a bit better today... thanks!

    Mike: Yeah... inertia plays a big part in the laundry equation, don't it? :p

    Virgil: On the TMI front: we have no need for underwear. Unless you classify tee shirts as such.


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