Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Milestone...

We'll lead off with a re-run, given as how today is the Green Hornet's ninth birthday. Without ado...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Then and Now

Digital cameras are wonderful things… and one of the major reasons is the metadata included with each and every photo you shoot. What this really means is you know the exact date and time you took a particular shot (among a lot of other techie-type info), so there’s no wondering “where/when was THIS taken?” as you browse through your archives. Which is quite unlike going through an old shoebox full of photos, believe me.

So… the foregoing is an intro to a minor celebration of sorts: The Green Hornet is eight years old today. I’ve owned one other car longer than the Green Hornet and that was my Baby Beemer…which I kept for ten years. I obviously liked that Beemer and I really like the Miata, too. Both cars have served me well, both cars were/are great good fun, and I see no reason why the Green Hornet won’t tie my personal record for auto longevity and maybe even break it. So… in celebration, here are a few “then and now” pics… both of the Green Hornet and her driver.

Top to bottom: (1) GH on the day I bought her, in the Oakland Hills above... you guessed it... Oakland, CA. (2) GH a couple of months ago after a wash and wax. (3) YrHmblScrb in his place of business at 44 Montgomery Street, SFO (October 12, 2000). (4) YrHmblScrb with Blog-Buddy Lou and husband Toby, taken last month (the latest pic I have).

I think the car has held up better than its owner over the past eight years, nu? 
 And we'll be back a lil later... probably with tales about the wonderfulness of HD teevee.  There's a bit of a story there, but let's not try and tell it before we're fully caffeinated.  And I have to straighten up  this pig-pen before the Comcast guy gets here.  Not Larry, I hope...


  1. My Dodge is also 9 years old - for me, anyway. Got her in '00, though she was originally owned and driven in '99. I am getting a new rig next Spring, but the Dodge isn't going anywhere. Love that machine.

  2. I had one of the original Honda CRXs, circa 1983. Had it for 11 years - by far the longest I've kept a vehicle. I loved that little thing - 5 speed, 2 seater, beautiful blue. Small engine but in a small car it could move. My dad - who was driving a BMW of some kind at the time - would ask to drive my car when I was visiting my parents.

    I once offered to swap vehicles with him - he actually thought about it!

    Happy Birthday to the Hornet - sounds like a brilliant partnership.

  3. My first car was a 1971 Chevy Malibu coupe, a hand-me-down from my Daddy for my 17th birthday. I drove it (hard!) for 10 years until the birth of Older Daughter made a sedan infinitely more practical. I still miss that car -- man, could it move!

    H B'day to the GH! It has definitely aged well -- without even so much as a color touch-up to its roots!

    Have fun -- HD rocks.

  4. Andy sez: I am getting a new rig next Spring, but the Dodge isn't going anywhere.

    Mustang, still? I drove by the Chevy house last week and saw a bright red new Camaro on the lot, and my heart went pitty-pat. But only briefly! Now if'n that Camaro had been blue... :p

    Kris: I've driven CRXs and they are a blast... for a front-driver. I just have this thing about FWD, in that I HATE it -- no other word fits. But, that said... a bud of mine had one and I FULLY appreciate what you're sayin'.

    Moogie: I had an old Chevelle back in the day... a 1967 SS396. That is one of only three cars I wish I hadn't gotten rid of. That puppy could MOVE!

    re: HD. My friends from Comcast never showed, but I called the store and was reassured they'd be out this afternoon. I popped for HD service in anticipation of getting hockey in HD, but that is not to be, alas. Versus HD (the hockey network) ain't available here in the sticks. (sigh) But... TDC, History, PBS and the other stuff I watch IS available... so we went there.

  5. My Camry is an 8 years old this month. I think we will have it for lots more years.

    On Sunday I am suppose to meet GuyK from Charming, Just Charming who is here visiting his brother. It reminded me of meeting with you, and then you posted the photo. Great minds...

  6. No odometer reading?

    I like the profile -- and I'm biased against it. The Toyota Corolla GTS body went all roundy-cutie slug-shaped the year after I bought Bessie in '89. That summer Michael Keaton wowed everybody in the new Batmobile, and I kept thinking of that corny movie right through until the bitter end 18 years later. The 1990 Corolla GTS was more like your Miata, made me squirm in disgust first time I saw it...but I find GH to be much more elegant.

    Slightly off topic: I miss flip-up headlights. What's the argument against? Mine worked for 340k miles, perfectly in sync. When I leave my headlights on after parking and the "idiot alarm" goes off, I curse all kinds of things. My own incompetence; the world, for pandering to incompetent people like me; and whoever the numb-nuts is who killed off the flip-up headlights.

    I recall predicting Bessie would finally kick it in the summer of '01. So why don't you set up a little game...shoot for twelve years. Maybe that way you'll get sixteen.

    Good to see someone taking care of a car.

  7. I'm sure Sean Hamilton would be MORE than happy to find a blue Camero for you!! All ya gotta do is ask! LOL!

    Happy Birthday to the Green Hornet!! She is still as pretty today as in those first photos!

    As for me, my baby (my big blue powerstroke) is 7 years old and I love her to death, especially since I put a 2 1/2 inch lift and 285s on her. But I'm buying me a new project this Friday: a 1978 Ford Bronco. It should be an interesting project to say the least. hehehe...

  8. Only has two "Green Hornets" in my life. One was a used XK-140 Jag that I got while stationed in England. Engine ran llike a dream. British racing bottle green and had seafoam-Green leather int. LOVED that car. Unfortunately it also had severe exfoliation from so many years in the salt coastal air and I didn't have enough money to do a total fix , so , with a heavy heart sold it. I last saw it forlornly sitting in a base parking lot with the left rear fender rusted off at the joint. (SOB)

    My other came when married and we lived in Louisville. Was a loaded 1980 Cougar. Same color green, but with an organgish-tan (not that flat tan-tan) leather int and vinyl roof to match. Was a NIGHTMARE of a Hanger Queen. Talk about a leamon! Looked great and drove great, WHEN it was working. ABSOLUTELY every thing that could possibly go wrong, did. I replaced almost every part on the car but the engine--most expensive car I ever owned. Could have had a 2009 600 series BMW for the cost. And talk about the frustration factor! I hate to even type this--brings back too many bad memories.

  9. PS: The Jag was a "fixed-head coupe" for you affectionadoes.

  10. Lou: Good on ya for keeping the Camry. And... Great Minds? Well, yeah! :D

    Morgan: I don't miss flip-up headlights at a matter of fact I'm glad they're gone. Unnecessary complication and all that. I've lost count of all the old one-eyed Vettes I've seen going down the road... and my Vette had a recalcitrant left headlight that required "encouragement" from time to time (yet it never actually failed).

    As for the car's design... I think I like this iteration better than the new Miata, as well. Or maybe it's coz I'm just used to it.

    Mileage? Almost ready to roll over to 48K, which is pretty danged low for a nine year old, innit?

    Jenny: I'm quite Mr. Hamilton could pull that "find a blue one" thing off, now that you mention it. :D But life without car payments is quite nice...

    Your new project sounds interesting!

    Virgil: Dang, I LOVE those old Jags. There's a really cool site for Jag-lovers (there are several, actually) where I found this... or, what could have been. Not to twist the knife or anything. :p

    And OTOH... The Second Mrs. Pennington had a late '80s Cougar and it was OK... nothing spectacular, just OK. I think we had it for about three years and then traded it in on her Vette (that's her in the pic). Now that was a car!

  11. Buck/

    Twist the knife indeed. Big-time.You really ARE one rotten SOB, aren't you?

  12. I used to own a Renault 5 lol :D

  13. Wow! Your Miata could tell some stories I'm sure!

  14. Virgil: I rarely twist knives, being more of a multiple and violent stabbing type. ;-)

    Alison: Was it a turbo? Those things could FLY!

    Crysti: Yeah, she could tell some stories, but none would be as good as some other cars I've owned. ;-)


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