Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK... I Gotta Side With Sergeant Crowley

From Bloomberg:
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama will have Bud Light tomorrow when he hosts an old friend and the police officer who arrested him.

Obama, 47, has picked the top-selling beer in the U.S. for his get-together at the White House with Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge, Massachusetts, police Sergeant James Crowley, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said today. Crowley will probably drink Blue Moon and Gates is likely to opt for Red Stripe, Gibbs said, citing news reports about their preferences.

Bud Light? So much for The One's urbane sophistication. (With apologies to my daughter-in-law Erma, who drinks that stuff. It's still swill.)

There's your deep political thought for the day.


  1. I am a Bud Light guy, Buck. I think you knew that. Trouble maker.

    Having said that, I think the Pres is trying a bit too hard to come off as the everyman here. I would bet real American dollars that his only motivation for choosing Bud Light was to appear as down to earth as possible. What a punk.

  2. Anything “heavier” than Bud Light and Pres. Obama’s delicate…err, sophisticated palate wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    BTW, to be fair to the racist…err, esteemed professor, I like Red Stripe too. However, now I only quaff American/Micro Brew beer and I stay away from the big brewers like Coors which now owns Blue Moon.

    Damn I’m thirsty now, but I don’t partake on workdays so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to have a better understanding of race in America.

  3. I know this will probably not go down well Buck - but I'm a Corona and lime kinda girl. If I'm going to be really honest, I'm a red wine kinda girl.

  4. Andy sez: I would bet real American dollars that his only motivation for choosing Bud Light was to appear as down to earth as possible. What a punk.

    That's essentially what the Bloomberg article said towards the end. Politicians always go the safe route.

    tim: I've hoisted a few Red Stripes in my day, as well. But, like you, I'm much more into microbrews these days, specifically ales and witbiers. I like Blue Moon, even if it IS owned by Molson/Coors. We pretty much takes what we gets here in P-Ville. While we're on about that subject... Thank GOD for the Class VI Store out at Cannon. If it wasn't for them I think I'd have to pack up and move.

    Kris: Who was it that said "taste is all in your mouth?" Whatevah floats yer boat!! Srsly. It's ALL good, some of it is just better than others.

  5. Best beer I've ever had was drunk in Australia. In a good ole pub. On the veranda watching my nephew catch crabs from the river. Damn good beer and crab legs.

  6. I have to agree with Andy. I seriously doubt he is a Bud Light man when hanging with his friends. It makes him look like a weenie (of course so do many other things).

    While I tend to lean towards products from New Belgium and Alaskan Brewing, I usually have a case of Busch in the fridge. Sometimes only a can will do.

  7. Here's the kicker...Biden joined them, but had a non-alcoholic beer. What a wuss! Of course, it may have been intended to to keep him sober, in the earnest desire to keep him from saying something even stupider than his usual gaffes.

  8. Best beer I ever had was after a day of skiing at Taos. Holy cow, those first two cans of Coors went down SO fast and SO easy. I finally knew what people meant by "apres-ski beer."

    I've tasted better beer since, of course, but none ever went down so good.

  9. Cat: Fosters? Or something better (hopefully)?

    BR: Funny you should mention cans. I was reading something recently on one of the beer-blogs (I forget which one) that cans are actually the BEST packaging method for beer. Cans have a bad rep among us Ol Farts... coz they USED to impart a metallic taste to the beer. I read that's no longer true.

    On Biden: Figures. I've tasted a few non-alcoholic beers in my time and my impression is "why bother?"

    Gordon: I've never done "apres-ski" beer... but I've had a few after some serious physical labor back in the day, which might be the same sorta thing.

  10. Could be, Buck. I thought about it, and what makes skiing such a thirst builder is that you're at high altitude (dry air), you're exercising fairly hard (though it doesn't feel like you are) and because it's cold, you don't drink as much as you would on a hot day.

  11. I'd have to go with Gates, though in general I think you and I would agree on most beers.

    Blue Moon has that "Belgian-ey" taste that I don't like. I know it's supposed to be there, I just don't happen to like whatever ester that is.

    And you KNOW Team Obama sweated and sweated over which beer to choose, whether to appear blue collar or sophisticated. I'll sympathize with him and say it was a no-win situation for him beer-wise. If it were me in that situation I would have just said "screw 'em" and picked my favorite, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

    And a Cigar. I mean, what kind of "Summit" was that anyway without cigars???!!!

  12. Something's been bothering me about the whole arrangement. You've seen the photos of everyone lounging with their just sipped from beers. There's something wrong with that photo. The table is too big, and too high. Everyone looks uncomfortable. There are no cigars.

    It smells of some elitist impression of what real men do when they sit around and talk about man stuff.

    Crowley, him I'd buy in that situation. Maybe even Joe Biden. But Obama and Gates? I doubt our president has ever had an afternoon of beer and bullshit since Michelle snagged him.


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