Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Not YOU... It's Me...

OK, TWC. I've thought about it for quite a while and the time has come. We've been in this downhill slide, you and me, for several years now. I'm thinking it began with your frickin' incessant re-runs of "Storm Stories," all of which I've seen six times and God Knows it could be THIRTY-six times… EACH… if I'd chosen to watch all your damned re-runs. That's just for starters.

I thought you might could change after
going to work for NBC. I mean, you did get rid of that Eco-Tart and all her friends… and that was a good start. I had high hopes that we could re-establish our former happy relationship, where you concentrated on… you know… reporting the weather, both on my teevee and on the web. But noooo… you had to flaunt cheesy advertising on your website and force me to hit refresh on your radar map every six minutes or so when we're getting our ass kicked with severe weather, all while forcing me to look at those damned Obama ads. And then you went and put that insufferable boob Roker on, first thing in the morning. I refused to watch his short lil segments on NBC… and now you give him a couple of hours of his very own? Dang.

That's the last straw. And, yes… now that I think about it… it IS you and not me. And we're OVER. Get yourself and your lame-ass WeatherStar the Hell outta here. We're done.

I have a new love. She's right there on the left. And in my sidebar, too… which is a place you never could hope to aspire to being. And she's so much better than you... her "current conditions" are refreshed every four or five seconds, she has weather history and statistics at my very fingertips, and her radar display NEVER needs refreshing - it's always on and always current. But… we did have some good times in the way-back and I'll always look back on those times with a certain fondness. Too bad you changed got old and complacent, not to mention political. I just can't frickin' STAND that.


  1. When TWC was first getting going in the early 80s, they were worried that the system that dumped the proper forecast and observations into each local system wouldn't work right. They were relieved when the first tornado warning did indeed activate the proper local system--in Portales, NM.

  2. I've been in that same relationship with TWC for quite some time. I don't think I'll be brave enough to make the final break until after Hurricane Season 2009, but I'm gonna check out your new weather main squeeze!

  3. You have only NOW started looking at Weather Underground????

    When a person lives in Florida, you have Wunderground as a favorite. The storm tracks incorporate the US, UK and some other weather services, so you can see at least three predictions of storm path/travel.

    I have a little link on my Port side, at Barco Blog.

    Like Bobby said; "It doesn't take a weathermant to tell us where the wind blows".

  4. Hmmm...I've heard they have nothing but nice things to say about you Buck ;)

  5. Gordon: No kidding! I just knew P-Ville had some meaningful history... somewhere. :D

    Moogie: What irritates me is there is no teevee alternative to TWC... it's them or no one. There have been times during storms I've lost my 'net connection for an hour or more, most likely due to lightning. And then it's the teevee or nothing... unless it goes out, too. Which happens.

    Darryl: Yeah, I can be kinda slow at times. Inertia is a beeyotch.

    tim: Ah, the BEST of ex-s are usually like that. Unless there's bad blood, of course.


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