Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Burning Question...

This just in from NHL.com...

Should I? It's ONLY 20 Yankee Dollars, but it somehow offends my frugal sensibilities. Decisions, decisions... I think I'll uncap a 1554, cut a cigar, and go sit out under the awning and contemplate the possibilities.

Update, 1615 hrs: Egged on in comments, I was, so I've popped for the price of admission. There WILL be hockey in Portales this evening... Red Wings hockey, that is. They better not let me down... after all, it IS 20 dollars of my hard-earned
(heh) money we're talking about here.

Go Wings!


  1. You may want to wait and splurge on this for a game in a later (and more exciting) series. Just a thought.

    Beer and a smoke sounds downright heavenly right now. High 60's and clear sky forever out here.

  2. Ah... but here's the rub: all the future games will be televised, if the Wings go deep into the playoffs. This one won't be on teevee, however. And there's the rub. Like I said: a beer and a cigar and pondering. Maybe TWO beers and pondering, LOL!

  3. Excellent point. I say go for it.

  4. Well... about to uncap the second beer with no decision made, as yet. But you can imagine the outcome, as mixing alcohol with the decision-making process usually results in choosing the self-indulgent option.

    BTW... did I mention it's 82 degrees here? With only the slightest of breezes? What a FINE day this is!

  5. $20 for something you really love to watch - YES! But I rarely have problems giving in to self indulgence, so I try to encourage it in others :)!

    73 in northwest MT...rather a fine day here also.

  6. Sign up for the pay-4-view, pop open another brew, and tell yourself that this is an investment into your team's future.

    I'm a world-class member of the Self Indulgence Team!

  7. I have a refrigerator magnet that says " Ever notice that what the hell is always the right decision?" So what the hell - go for it.

  8. And Buck saw the game, and the game was good.


  9. Wow... I hope I never ask for all y'all's advice on a new Porsche or something similar! ;-)


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