Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apropos of Nothing...

One of the BEST things about hot weather is stepping out of the shower and letting your body air-dry... no towel required or wanted!

Of course, drying doesn't take long when your relative humidity stands at a paltry 11% (see below). Today is the sort of day I'd sit around the house nekkid if I still lived a conventional sort of existence, which is to say in a house of my own, on a piece of land of my own. That sort of behavior... i.e., sitting around nekkid... just ain't possible when one lives in close-quarters such as those found in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.

I know, Gentle Reader: TMI. Sorry 'bout that. At least I didn't post pictures.


  1. Hee...I am an air-dry fan myself and when at home, no one to scare :)!

    The local weather people were in a tizzy last evening as OUR humidity was only 11% also which they called "desert dry" - usually we run in the 20-30% on a hot day - it was 82 yesterday. But that is 20 degrees above normal and we are to be 20 degrees below normal on Friday before we swing back to normal sometime next week. Kind of keeps the blood molecules on their toes!

    Boy, sorry to read in previous that the streaming wasn't up to snuff for the game...

    Is it too hot out for happy hour?

  2. Is it too hot out for happy hour?Nope... not at ALL! We're almost ready to head outdoors and take the air, given the blog-rounds are nearly done.

    Our humidity is nearly always in low range of normal, and that would tend to drive a lot of people crazy. Not me, though... I LOVE it!!

  3. This spacing issue in comments is driving me NUTS!!

  4. Air drying in New Orleans would take WEEKS!! When my sister-in-law from Wyoming visits, she can't believe how long it takes to blow-dry her hair. The humidity is good for the skin, though. Lousy for the hair.

    Today has been delightful -- 83 degrees with 31% humidity and 49 degree dewpoint.

    Happy Happy Hour! Mine will be a little delayed as I have an ESGR meeting.

  5. It was rather warm here in OK yesterday - 91. It was really nice most of the day, but then the wind started blowing in the afternoon. With the windows up, things were flying all over the house. Living in the country makes air-drying okay, although I have no curtains on the windows.

  6. Well, thanks for the visual Buck....LOL! One of the things I loved the most when the kiddies moved out on their own was the ability to walk around however I felt like! Nothin' better then all na-tur-al!! Thanks for no pics!

  7. Moogie: I hear ya about N'Awlins WX. Biloxi is similar... The year or two (in the aggregate) I spent in Biloxi was some of the worst weather I've ever experienced, and that includes my year up on the ND-MT-Saskatchewan border, LOL! Summers were simply miserable, and winters were bone-chilling cold.

    Lou: We only got to 87 yesterday and our wind was manageable. I had my awning down all day and never turned the AC on. As Jenny said in comments to the post below: it was QUITE pleasant!

    Dale: Ya, kids kinda put a damper on "certain things," don't they?


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