Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Golden slumbers fill your eyes
Smiles awake you when you rise
You have to either be "of a certain age" or a REAL Beatles freak to get the quote... but we digress, sorta. One of my favorite ladies in all the world... this lovely woman...

...awoke me from my frequent and periodic slumbers a while ago to put these in my hot lil hands:

Smiles, indeed. Followed immediately by a frown... as full-blown Happy Hour, which by necessity includes a good cigar... has been put on hold until sometime next week at the VERY earliest. I think mebbe I've grown up, as deferred gratification has NEVER been our method of operation in the past unless it was absolutely, positively required. Deferred gratification is most certainly required given my current situation, Gentle Reader. To do otherwise would be really stupid, and although I might look dumb...

About the second pic... After much experimentation, which includes the lovelies you see above, my former "cigar of choice," the immaculate Partagas Spanish Rosado (in the Familia size), has been replaced by most anything from Drew Estate. My last three orders from have been two 14-cigar Acid samplers and a box of Acid Liquids, and each and every one of those cigars have been MOST excellent. The only size or version of Drew Estate cigars I'm not particularly fond of is the C-Note, which is a cigarillo and not a cigar, anyway.

All that said, isn't the packaging just lover-ly?

The cigars are packed in slightly crushed and dried tobacco leaves. I've never seen that before. Pretty cool, eh?


  1. I'm glad you received something special via Brown. I am still waiting on my birthday packages. They were sent via Fedex and have not made it here, but were shipped on the 9th. Fedex says they were dropped off at the post office on Monday. Grr.

  2. Ahhh. I can smell the aroma from here!

  3. The cigar box brings back kids, my brother and I used cigar boxes from my grandfather for our school supplies. And they still had the cigar aroma...he smoked both cigars and a pipe and that smell is part of a good memory of him.

  4. Lou: I've found UPS to be much more responsive, timely, and friendlier than the local FedEx guys. Thank the Deity at hand that nearly everyone I order from on-line uses Brown. They really ARE better!

    Moogie: Ah, I'm just chompin' at the bit to REALLY smell one of these suckers... lit. :-)

    Ann: Funny you should mention this! I got my father's old cigar boxes as a child and used them for exactly the same purposes, including storing small treasures... such as my collection of bubble-gum cards. Sooo... I thought about that when SN3's birthday came around this year, and mailed him off a collection of three or four old cigar boxes (including this beauty, among others), along with the boxed DVD set of "Planet Earth." I got excellent feedback from him on the gift, as well... on ALL counts.

    There are some small bennies associated with smoking!

  5. Bet the rv smells wonderful!!!

  6. Well, at least you have the anticipation of enjoying many happy hours to come!

    Hope the healing goes quick, so you can enjoy your new treasures.

  7. Jenny sez: Bet the rv smells wonderful!!!

    Well... I had to bury my nose in that box for a few, lemmee tell ya. But given as how the product is well-wrapped and has been transferred to the humidor, there's no pleasing aroma to speak of... alas.

    Buckskins: Thank ya, Sir. I'm counting the minutes, believe me!

  8. I get the "Golden Slumbers" quote, but am of a different age. Picked it up initially from "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club"-- the movie of the play of the album that is-- the one with George Burns, the brothers Gibb (all four of them I think). And I forget by whom "Strawberry Fields" was played, but she was toasty.

    Well, yeah, I could look it up, but then it'd be less like sittin' 'round smokin' stoags.

  9. Glad you like the Drew Estates...I'm a pretty big fan. Most (if not all) of their complete boxes of cigars come packed with the tobacco leaves you described. One of their cool little touches.

  10. Ah... never saw that one, Bob. I prolly should given as how The Beatles are STILL on the play list in these parts. But then again, so are Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and all the other great classical composers. (BIG Ol' Grin!)

  11. Ahhhhhhh. I'm with Moogie P...the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was, damn! I bet that smells really, really good.

    Take care of your mouth, Sir (I almost said, "Watch your mouth," but that could have been misconstrued!)

  12. Mike: I had just done the samplers, to date. But that was enough to convince me to go the "whole nine yards," and I have YOU to thank for that... coz you're the one who brought them to my attention, ya know.

  13. Take care of your mouth, Sir (I almost said, "Watch your mouth," but that could have been misconstrued!)

    Not in these parts, Christina... there would be more truth in that admonition than not. I AM an ol' sergeant, ya know. ;-)

  14. The movie and concept was quite stupid, IMO. The music, though, was swell. You know how the music works for those who don't catch the original but like what they heard? I say to my wife when I hear Elvis doing "Suspicious Minds" that Dwight Yoakum (or the Fine Young Cannibals) did it better. Ooh, that makes her mad. Don't know how that'll work for you, hearing George Burns sing "Fixing a Hole."

    Ah. Peter Frampton was the character Billy Shears. Not the fourth Gibb.

    Official name of the movie used the abbreviation "Sgt." to avoid everyone's (except our host's-- see above) difficulty in spelling out the word. Liueauftennant is so much easier.

  15. I DO remember the movie, now that you mention the characters/actors. If I'm not mistaken Rolling Stone panned it pretty good, and I took their word as gospel, back in the day. That said, I was a BIG Frampton fan, once upon a time.

    I agree with you about "Suspicious Minds," especially the FYC version. I also think... here comes blasphemy!... Elvis is over-rated. If he'd have quit recording along about 1960 he would have had a fine, almost flawless, rock 'n' roll repertoire as a legacy. Instead we have the Fat-Elvis-Vegas incarnation to remember, which, IMHO, ain't quite what it should have been.

    As for the "sergeant" thingie... well... I WAS one for about 17 years, give or take a couple. As in I was one of the original E-4 sergeants (circa 1966, or so), when the AF made E-4s NCOs and before the time they demoted E-4s back to being airpersons. That sort of stuff tends to stay with ya...

  16. "As in I was one of the original E-4 sergeants (circa 1966, or so), when the AF made E-4s NCOs and before the time they demoted E-4s back to being airpersons."

    Ahh, SrA...what a great in-between rank. Not an NCO, but not a buck toothed airman either. A good microcosm for the problems the USAF has with being "in between" and not really grasping its own identity. I do get a pretty big kick out of the chairforce mock rank of Senior Airman Colonel, though, only because I've had occasion to run into one or two of these fine individuals.

  17. I like the smell of fine cigars, just can't smoke 'em. It's never a bother for cigars around me.

    Cigarettes? Different subject.

    What I find pleasing, is the thought that a fine cigar like those you received... is lovingly rolled on the thigh of a Seventeen year old Aztec Goddess, somewhere in the High Country of El Salvador.

    It's the thought that counts, right?

  18. Mike sez: A good microcosm for the problems the USAF has with being "in between" and not really grasping its own identity.

    Well, USAF can make a rather perverse claim as the ONLY service where E-4s aren't NCOs. That's "identity" of a sort. (snort)

    DC: I like the way you think about the cigar rolling process. ;-)

  19. Jay: I'm in the same boat and chomping at the bit to get better so I can enjoy one of these things!


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