Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Checkin' In...

Thank you all for the kind thoughts you posted here today and yesterday. I'm happy to report that all is well and good at El Casa Móvil De Pennington... or at least as good as can be expected under the circumstances, said circumstances being "a mouth full of stitches."

Dr. Thompson picked me up around 0745 hrs today and I returned home shortly before 1400 hrs. I proceeded to sleep until 1730 hrs, having had the presence of mind to set my alarm so as not to miss the days' second-most important event, which was the Wings-Flyers game, which came out as well as my surgery: Wings 3, Flyers 2. In regulation; NO OT here. And so there was no need for additional doses of 400mg Motrin to dull that pain, Gentle Reader, as said pain never materialized. I will admit there were some tense moments near the end of the second period when the Flyers were up, 2-0. But... enter the Dee-troit Scoring Machine (which is NOT at all like the Miami Sound Machine) and the rest, as it's said, is history. GOOD history... unless you happen to be a Philly fan. In which case, better luck next time. You guys do good against the Wings at home. Too bad this game was at The Joe... where you haven't won in something like...oh... over 20 years. But... who's counting? ;-) <=== a wink 'n' grin.

And now... back to bed.


  1. Buck,
    I am glad you feeling well after your teeth-work, like I said earlier "I feel your pain" in that regard. And, yeah it was a good game and thats 21 years by the way, not that I am counting or anything (and you noticed they never mentioned even once this particular sta on the telecast last night). If those Flyer guy's could only stay out of the penalty box they could maybe get some rhythm going and then you would have seen a game.

    Well, we will see you in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. You were in my thoughts all day yesterday. I came by your blog to check on you several times, and started to send off an email just to check on you. I'm glad your mouth pain is not too bad and that your Wings did not provide any new pain.

    The weather sure has been nice here.

  3. Good to hear all went well!

  4. Hang in there, man. I've got some quality time in the oral surgeon's chair coming up myself.

  5. Great news all around Buck. Hope today finds you waking, rested and feeling better.

  6. Glad to hear you got through it OK. Motrin? If that's all you need, good for you! I got a short scrip for Percodan when I had mine done, but perhaps my doc just knew how much I like 'em :-)

  7. I realized after I commented yesterday that I was a day behind and you were already in the chair. Glad good ol' Dr. Thompson took care of your transportation needs. Holler if you need anything, ok?

  8. Glad to hear all is well, Buck. You must have a good Doc, if he's willing to pick you up for surgery.

  9. Bec said:

    Congrats, Buck! Glad you are feeling okay. Is getting the stitches out the end of it then?

  10. Thank you ALL for the kind and encouraging words. There's a reason I address my posts to you "Gentle Readers," and it's because you are Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the highest order, each and every one of you. I am blessed.

    Jimmy sez: Well, we will see you in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!

    Let us pray! But, if and when that does happen you're gonna be depressed, coz you know it's pre-ordained and inevitable. We'll have home ice. QED. ;-)

    Lou sez: I'm glad your mouth pain is not too bad and that your Wings did not provide any new pain.

    The weather sure has been nice here.

    The pain is very manageable, Lou. Except fot the fact one sleeps a LOT, albeit in fits and starts and at the strangest times!

    Our WX has been great, too. But Happy Hour's been suspended for at least a week. Dang.

    Ann and Kris: Thank you, Ladies!

    Barry: I feel for ya. Srsly. I wouldn't wish this stuff on anyone. Well, maybe "enemy combatants," 'cept there aren't any anymore. ;-)

    Jim: This time isn't near as bad as the first round... I just had screws placed which didn't require a whole helluva lot of slicing and dicing. You know the drill... (heh)

    Jenny: Thank you again! Dr. T IS good about stuff like this. I think all I really need at this point is sleep... and lots of it. Thanks for the offer, and I WILL call if I'm in need (but not for margaritas, dammit.)

    Buckskins: My surgeon... and his ENTIRE staff are among the finest people around. First and foremost, they're good people, secondly... you tend to find a lot of 'em in towns as small in P-Ville. Comes with the territory. ;-)

    Bec: This procedure was the "light at the end of the tunnel," or the penultimate step. As soon as these incisions heal and the bone grows around the screws I had implanted I'll get the actual prosthetic teeth. We're looking at maybe two more months at the outside (less, probably), barring complications.

    Once again: Thank you all!

  11. Oh, OK, then. Glad to hear it's at that stage. I didn't know you were that far along. I guess I must not have been paying as much attention as I should have. I'll stay after class and try to catch up.

  12. glad to read you are doing ok!

  13. Just checking in. Happy to hear you were well enough for hockey. Watching at least. :)

  14. Squeee!
    Glad to hear everything went well, Buck.
    I'm amazed your surgeon isn't worried about stuff like "liability" and "lawsuits", since he picked you up and dropped you off again. I see there's something even MORE to be said about small towns than I even knew!

  15. Katy, Laurie, and DC: Thank you all.

    Christina: Dr. T is probably the BEST dentist... in every imaginable category... I've EVER had. And yeah: there's a LOT to like about small towns!


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