Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The Road to Ensenada" - Lyle Lovett

You can offer to the righteous
The good that you have won
But down here among the unclean
Your good just comes undone...


  1. Bingo! I love Lyle Lovett. His CD "Joshua Judges Ruth" is just incredible. Good stuff!

  2. Wonderful - beautiful guitar work by all!

  3. I see Lyle live every chance that presents itself, and have since about 1989. Great clip.

  4. Kris: I have 'em all (his CDs); JJR is good but not my favorite. "LL and His Large Band" or "Live in Texas" are neck and neck for that honor (LOL!).

    Ann: Thanks... TRTE is one of my fave Lyle songs, and this version is just perfect.

    Barry: That's around the time I first saw Lyle, as well... at Meadow Brook, one of those elegant Detroit institutions I spoke of. Like you, I see him every chance I get. Those chances, alas, are few and far between.


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