Friday, March 13, 2009

In the "You Can't Make This Shit Up" Category...

From "Bad Paintings of Barack" The only downside of this website is you MUST click through on all the images... there are no thumbnails or "back" function on the site. But... take my word for it... it's worth the visit. Assuming you (a) aren't seeing enough tacky Obama images in the check-out line at Wally-World and (b) have some minor masochistic tendencies. Some of these images are just flat frickin' FUNNY.

(h/t: The Telegraph [UK])


  1. Whose skivvies is he holding in that picture? Rahm Emmanuel's maybe?

  2. BR - Yours, mine, America's. He's giving us a great big wedgie.

  3. I liked the Picasso.

    These are some whackadoodle images. I wonder if this Obama worship is some kind of sociological push back from the years of cynicism jammed down our throats?

  4. Fess up, Buck. You drew this "Tacos al CabrĂ³nes" picture yourself, right? Maybe Lou will do it as a watercolor.

  5. BR: I think they're Pelosi's, meself.

    Andy: Your ideer is as good as any, and better'n mine!

    DC: I think the Obama worship is some sort of secret longing for meaning among the secular-progressives. Srsly.

    Bob: Dang. Outed!

  6. Oh - and they add new ones all of the time....

    a girl on Twitter wrote of her painting of Obama being inaugurated on the steps of the Oval Office - and was most offended that I thought differently...


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