Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Interesting Night...

So… it was all politics, all the time here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington yesterday. I began watching the coverage yesterday afternoon sometime around 1430 hours and continued watching until well into the night… to the point of falling asleep during Obama’s “concession” speech (The Deity only knows what time that was…), waking up again at some indeterminate point in time to see that Hillary had won Texas (in addition to Ohio), and listening to all the analysis (off and on) until the wee small hours, when I fell asleep yet again… this time for good.

I also watched Huckabee’s concession speech, and McCain’s “we won…we’re the nominee!” speech, as well. I found all of it, combined, to be the most interesting night in this interminable campaign season so far. And my hat is off to Democrat Bob Beckel, who is a Fox News Channel political analyst on the Democrat side. That Ol’ Boy has a wicked sense of humor, in addition to being very astute and well grounded when it comes to politics on his side of the wire. Mr. Beckel really gave it to Fred Barnes… in a very humorous yet scathing way… Barnes can be and often is one of the biggest wind-bags on the political right. And Yes, Virginia, there IS such a thing as “Hillary Derangement Syndrome.” Barnes is living proof of that, if not the Poster Child for same.

Last night’s coverage was very, very good…at least on Fox News. I even found that ridiculous Susan Estritch person to be entertaining, especially when she delivered her “Republicans’ wet-dream” joke about a continuing, ugly-leading-to-uglier Democrat campaign late last night. Her remark occurred well and truly after prime-time, and FNC host Bill Hemmer so noted, adding that “I guess that’s OK…” in reference to Estrich’s off-color remark. It made me laugh right out loud, it did. I occasionally switched over to CNN to see what was happening there, but didn’t stay long…mainly because I detest that frickin’ Blitzer guy. I wasn’t on CNN long enough to comment on the quality of their analysis. It might have been good, for all I know. But I kinda doubt it: Blitzer was in charge. At least I missed Blitzer’s side-kick, the supremely annoying Jack Cafferty. If he was even there…and I don’t know that he was. That’s a good thing, Gentle Reader.

So. It looks like the Democrats will continue to beat each other up for at least another seven weeks or so, until the Pennsylvania primary and perhaps beyond. Neither candidate is conceding anything, at this point. Some Dems are bemoaning this fact, others not so much. But for those hand-wringing Dems…remember this: You brought it on yourselves. It’s YOUR rules that are prolonging this contest, what with your arcane delegate assignment processes, and most specifically the proportional allocation of delegates in your primaries. This thing would be close to OVER if you adopted a “winner take all” approach to the primaries. Which kinda-sorta reinforces my belief that the Democrat Party just ain’t ready to govern. And that would be ready to govern anything… from the smallest hamlet all the way up to the nation.

But I will admit: all y’all create quite the spectacle. I’m enjoying every minute of this.


Cynthia… writing in the comments to yesterday’s post about my house in North Bend… noted that the older homes in North Bend are disappearing due to Californication. So I went out to Google Earth this morning and checked to see if 3337 Sherman Ave. still exists. I’m happy to report it does indeed exist, and looks pretty much the same as it did when I owned it. You can’t tell that from this screen shot, but I thought I’d give ya the “larger” view, Gentle Reader. You can see that we weren’t but about five or six blocks from (part of ) the port…where the principal activity was loading logs and woodchips on to freighters bound for the Far East. It looks like things haven’t changed at all, in this regard…as there’s a freighter docked next to a huge pile of chips visible in the first screen shot. The second is the state of Oregon, just to give you some perspective on where North Bend is…in relation to other stuff. Like Washington.

As always, click for larger. Or go to Google Earth yourownself, if the spirit moves ya...


  1. I missed yesterdays coverage having a "run around town day" but I figured I could get an honest opinion here. lol! Thank you sir

  2. Last week I watched a news video with Rush L. saying to vote for Hillary in order to keep the fight going. He was saying that the Dems could fight each other and bring up important issues in a way that the Reps could not do without being called "unfair" - maybe force Obama to show his true self.

  3. I missed all the excitement on TV too. The Democratic candidates are going to continue to beat the crap out of each other until the very end. I find it highly amusing.

    I wonder who is the sorest loser? ;)

  4. Buck, you are most certainly a braver person than I.

  5. The longer the Dems drag each other through the mud, the better for America.

    I'll be sailing by this weekend Buck...dropping off a small class C Gulf Strem BT Crusier in the Big ABQ.....hopping in Sam's Diesel and heading for Southern California. Will report back on how the 5 days on the road and planes treat my back.

  6. I was really hoping yesterday would be the stake through the Hillary monster's heart. Damn.


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