Thursday, February 21, 2008


We’ve been going on a bit about voting and such in the comments to my recent Obama post. Keeping in the spirit of that discussion…here’s a civics quiz that’s a LOT harder than most of the fluff I’ve posted in the past (“fluff” refers to quizzes. mostly.).

I’m reasonably pleased with my results:

You answered 54 out of 60 correctly — 90.00 %
Average score for this quiz during February: 71.4%
Average score since September 18, 2007: 71.4%

But you know what’s really sad, Gentle Reader? This:

That’s the average college senior, Gentle Reader.

I think this quiz should be given to everyone attempting to register to vote. Were I King, you wouldn’t be allowed to vote unless you scored a “C,” at the very minimum. Or maybe you could vote twice or more, as your score went up.

How did you do? Would you be allowed to vote in my kingdom?

(H/t: Lex)


  1. I did slightly better than the average, answering 43 out of 60 correct for a score of 71.67%.

    That's sad. Otoh, maybe it's not terrible for someone with only a h.s. diploma and "some college."

    Regardless, I'd better study up on all this stuff ... again.

    Hey, do I get to vote? ; )

  2. Hey, do I get to vote? ; )

    But of course! 71.67% meets my criterion, does it not?

    I'm wondering how many folks will actually take this quiz. The response over at Lex's place was tremendous, with about 75 comments when I last looked. But those Naval Aviator types tend to be a bit cerebral. Did I just SAY that? I take it back.. I take it back! ;-)

  3. I passed but not by as much as I would have liked. I made a high 89.4. I am under 35 but I passed. Do I get to vote?

  4. Let's just say that I'm feeling rather under-funded in the brains department after this quiz.

  5. Ashley sez: I made a high 89.4. I am under 35 but I passed. Do I get to vote?

    Absolutely you get to vote. There's no age barrier to competence, Ashley. Congrats on your score... I'm impressed! Would that all your contemporaries (in age) do so well!

    Kris: I saw your comment over at Lex's. That quiz certainly wasn't easy. Not by a long shot.

  6. 56 out of 60 correctly — 93.33 %

    And I am *so* blogging this quiz. Thanks, Buck.

  7. Barry sez: And I am *so* blogging this quiz.

    Cool! The more this gets out there, the better.

    Nice score, btw. I'm envious!

  8. Buck, there were a couple of lucky guesses in there, and also a couple of questions where I didn't know the right answer but *could* ID and eliminate the wrong ones. Before I clicked "submit" I was guessing on a B- range score of 80-85% instead of the A-minus I got.


  9. Barry: I had exactly the same experience... a couple of lucky guesses and the process of elimination does yield results... sometimes.

  10. Absolutely agreed. There should be a stringent means test for voting.

  11. I scored 44 of 60 correct for a 73.33 %.

  12. 83.33%
    A couple where I went d'oh!

  13. I knew you'd do well, Bec!

  14. I took the test the other day and conveniently forgot my exact score. It was along the lines with Lori. Several of the questions I narrowed down and then chose poorly, but I thought it should count that I “almost” got it right :) It was the economic questions that did me in.


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