Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yet Another Placeholder

A previously unseen pic from this year's road trip...a view of Arches National Park, taken this past June while at the Fiery Furnace, looking southwest.

And it was a fiery sort of day, temp-wise (mid-90s), which made tromping about the countryside in full road-racing leathers jes a lil bit uncomfortable. But relief was just a blast away astride the Zuki... with all the zippers unzipped and the cuffs of the jacket turned up to allow the wind to penetrate. Evaporative cooling, and all that. But I sure did get some strange looks from other folks while I wasn't on the bike. You'd think people had never seen a biker before.

Would you believe, Gentle Reader, that I've just now poured my second cup of coffee? At 1410 hours? Another one of "those" nights, in which I watched the sun come up this morning from the wrong side of the bed. Not good, methinks.

Back in a bit...


  1. Awesome picture, Buck. Loved it!

  2. Great picture! The family and I visited Arches on our last cross-country trip in the RV... just beautiful.

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  4. Sweet pic, but that's not why i'm here.

    IT'S HERE!!!

    now if we could just figger out a way to put that song into this...(although the current song ain't half bad!)

    I know its the Floaties vs. the Utes but HEY ITS FOOTBALL BABY!!!!

  5. Jay: Is that your house all lit up like that? And that "Greatest Hits" vid bears repeated watching. I've been through it once now, with more returns scheduled... Thanks for that! "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," indeed.

    Towanda, TripleE and Becky: Thanks for the positive comments. Becky already knows, but you other ladies may not: there are more such pics in the June archives. I'm not one to leave my photos un-posted, LOL! (But I don't put 'em ALL up, either.)

  6. nah, i let time get away this year, and failed in my pater familial responsibility to do any outdoor year i have BIG plans...though nothing THAT elaborate.

  7. That is a great pic - very paintable.

  8. Wow, I thought it was a painting at first glance!
    I do the same thing with sleep/awake schedules. I always ratchet back at some point though. Definitely restless the last week or so.

  9. Lin said: I always ratchet back at some point though.

    I think I've managed to turn it around... went to bed just after midnite, up at 0500 this morning. I tried to go back to sleep this morning...but alas: not to be.


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