Wednesday, December 19, 2007



  1. Thanks for sharing this incredibly important PSA...
    but it should come with a warning, coffee shot out of my nose.
    I'll need to vaccinate my kids soon!

  2. Incredible. I had totally forgotten about them critters until just now.

    It reminds me that we used to send kids out looking for Snipes.

  3. Those were some serious kids, and I was LOL, but wondering if it was the right response.

  4. Good stuff - I larfed and larfed!

  5. I probably should have put up a "no drinking while watching this vid" warning, TripleE. I'm glad no computers were harmed while watching this vid... I think.

    I thought cooties were a universal American phenomenon, but a friend e-mailed me last night saying she was completely lost and didn't "get it." Did anyone else feel this way, as well?

    And...BTW, that little girl who yells "COOTIES!" into the camera just makes laugh over and over. I don't wanna embarrass myself by telling all y'all how many times I watched this thing yesterday. I really needed a good laugh...and this was IT.


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