Saturday, December 15, 2007


Via SN1a quiz about one of my Hot Buttons…

You Scored an A

You got 9/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.

If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.

As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.

And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

Now I could have cheated and taken the quiz over (object: perfect score), but we’re all about honesty and integrity here at EIP. I knew which question I got wrong when I chose the answer, but chose falsely just to see what would happen. (Ed: I thought you said something about “honesty?” Oh, Shaddup.)

Whatever. Still and even, you’d think otherwise intelligent folks would learn to use apostrophes correctly, though. To quote one of my favorite grammar sayings: “The purpose of an apostrophe is NOT to announce the imminent arrival of the letter ‘s.’” Or, in other words…don’t frickin’ use an apostrophe to indicate the plural, OK?

/irritated school-marm voice

Further on Wreaths Across America a video, produced by the Worcester Wreath Company, that explains why the company’s owner does what he does.

(h/t to Cynthia @ Gazing at the Flag, who did a much better job on her “Wreaths Across America” post than I did on mine.)

One more thing before I put this lil bit of rambling up and finish making the rounds… We had the (nearly) full gamut of all possible December weather last night. A fairly strong storm blew over The High Plains last evening, visiting us with a significant amount of rain, sleet, ice, and snow. And thunder. I counted at least four lightning flashes last evening just before the freezing rain turned into full-blown sleet. Now I’ve heard and read about thunder-snow but don’t believe I’ve ever experienced it…until last night. And it’s a strange-bordering-on-weird sort of phenomenon, too. I mean ya just don’t expect to hear thunder when it’s 26 degrees outside now, do ya?

I awoke this morning to about an inch of fresh white snow on the ground…which was beautiful. Even more beautiful since I’m secure in the knowledge it will ALL be gone by about 1600 hours today. The best sort of snow: Saturday morning (no place to be), not much of it (an inch…or less), and a guaranteed half-life measured in hours. It could be worse. A LOT worse.

Back in a bit…


  1. I'll have to try that quiz.

    We got about 2 inches of the white stuff out here, and a icy/snow packed Hwy 267 all the way to about Chaulk Hill. Then it was just wet. It was 4x4 only from my house to the highway. Wouldn't have gone into town at all, except the girls had basketball tryouts and registration, and I needed a few groceries so we can do our holiday baking today.

  2. Holy crap I got a B with 8 out of 10 and I know which ones I missed as I didn't notice the use of two different terms in two different sentences.

    I have always had problems with it is and its and can trace my roots back to my sophomore year in English class and Mrs. Starr trying to beat it and lots of other things into my head. It never sunk in I guess.

    Good test though. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now I got to tell my wife of 52 years and hope (with fingers crossed that she misses more than me).

  3. OK, I tried it and I beat oldmanlincoln. I went back and saw which one I missed and corrected it, but that perfect "A" would have been cheating, so I went with the first test score, 9/10. He thought I would miss more than him, at least he was hoping. Thanks for sharing the test.

  4. You spelled "lil" sans the apostrophe needed to signify skipped letters just to see what would happen, right? Ellipsis without a period at the end of pseudosentence? (I got beat up once in Lex' comments for that.) What about the use of the apostrophe to show posession after the letter X? Should there be an S?

    I got beat up in eighth grade for using the word "sans" because it was foreign.

    Lobo's are killing Texa's Tech well into the 'second half in the Pit.

    Doncha love English and its flexibility?

  5. Wow, Jenny...ain't it amazing the difference nine or ten miles makes? I'm glad I didn't have anywhere to go today, coz, as has been said over and over again, The Green Hornet just hates ice and snow...but particularly ice.

    Abe and Patty: LOL! Were I still married, The Second Mrs. Pennington and I would have acted/reacted in exactly the same manner. (She teaches English, among other things...)

    Reese sez (among other things): Doncha love English and its flexibility?

    Ab-so-frickin'-lute-ly. English is (IMHO) the most descriptive language on the planet. The Wiki estimates over 25,000 new words are added to the language every year...and that's adding to the already-existing 600,000 words.

    Too bad English is also one of the hardest languages in the world to learn...and master.

    I LOVE it.

    Oh...about my lil language quirks: most of my non-standard usage is intentional, as you no doubt have guessed by now. But not all, of course. I screw up as often as most, and more than some.

  6. So, Buck -- you're saying that the inappropriate use of the ' is one of those things that p*sses you off and that in turn p*sses you off when you do a search on "p*ssing" on sitemeter hits? ;)
    - SJS

  7. Whazzat, SJS? I'm a lil bit slow in the morning, can I get a "do-over?"


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