Friday, December 21, 2007

Lou to the Rescue!

(The title of this post is simply a reference to the decided lack of timely postings this week.)

Checked my mail today and was oh-so-pleased to find Lou’s Christmas card in my box, along with various and sundry other things, more about which in the post above. Isn’t this painting just lovely? Long-time readers know one of the reasons I really like this pic. Check out the photo that accompanies this post… and then come back to this illustration. Does Lou have a good eye and great talent, or what!?!

As ever, click for larger.


  1. Wow, that is really something. Yes, that's some amazing talent there.

    Is this off that new scanner of yours, Buck? What kinds of sizes & resolutions are we dealing with here?

  2. Ya, the illustration is off the new scanner, 300 dpi. The illustration I posted is larger than life, as the original painting is (approximately) 4 x 6 inches.

    This particular scanner is world's better than the only other scanner I've ever used, which was TSMP's... acquired back in the late '80s. Technology sure is grand!

    I owe you an e-mail response, and you'll get it sometime today, I promise. My in-box is overflowing with mail demanding attention, yet another manifestation of the Holiday Blahs...

  3. That is VERY lovely - Lou is talented indeed. I love the colors.

  4. I do remember both the picture and the painting. Congratulations, you got a lovely card there. I got one a couple of days ago as well. I'll have to scan and post mine--maybe tomorrow.

    Sucks about your camera battery. My little camera uses the rechargeable camera specific battery, but it will also run off of AAs. We've always got some of them laying around. I buy them by the 18 pack.

  5. Very nice card and the photo is nice too.

  6. What a beautiful painting! Lou is very talented. Thanks for sharing the card with us, Buck.

  7. Becky said: My little camera uses the rechargeable camera specific battery, but it will also run off of AAs.

    My first two digital cams (both Kodaks) used AAs, as well. Rechargable AAs, at that. But I always had four fresh batteries in my gadget bag just in case the ones in the camera went dead while I was out and about. I really MISS that "feature."

  8. Thanks for posting the painting and for all the kind words. And that scanner is great!

  9. Hey, my comment disappeared (I think)!
    That was a lovely bit of work on Lou's part, very lovely! Thanks for scanning it in and letting us enjoy it, too.

  10. Lou said: And that scanner is great!

    I think Santa should bring you one. Just $182.99 (regularly $199.99) at Amazon. As I've noted elsewhere, it's a pretty cool 'box.' I'm VERY satisfied with it.

    Lin sez: Hey, my comment disappeared (I think)!

    Not according to my in-box, Lin.


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