Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dipping Into the Archives for...

...Today’s Pics: A couple of snow pics from three years ago, taken in the ex-girlfriend’s back yard during a medium Clovis. I attempted, somewhat successfully, to capture snowflake details in these pics. I say “somewhat successfully” because I’m not at all satisfied with the results. We are our own worst critics.

As ever, click for larger.

Tip o’ the hat to Lin for the inspiration. She’s been paying close attention to snowflakes of late…and has had ample opportunity to do just that!

Inspiration, sad to say, is sorely lacking in almost every other area of life today.

This, too, shall pass.


  1. Those are nice pictures, Buck. If you want to see some good snowflake detail, check out this post

    Yeah, it's a knitting blog, but I was amazed at how well the snowflakes showed up.

    Sorry, I can't remember how to link in comments.

  2. Nice ice! It was gray and overcast here and quite cold today, but no snow. Okie snow and NM snow are so different. You can make a great snowman with Okie snow. But NM Snow is dryer and prettier. You can make snow angels without getting wet.

  3. Well, phooey. The URL isn't coming through either...let me see if I can figure this linking thing out...

    Mummy's Little Sweat Shop

  4. Whether it be writing, photography, or umpiring a high school varsity game....I can always find fault in my's the nature of us Buck....otherwise our egos would make our heads explode.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Buck - speaking as a nature photographer, I can say that you did a very good job. Photographing snow is tricky, very tricky. It's bright, it's pale and causes havoc with light meters - be they external or part of the camera. Lots of tricks to getting it right, but sometimes it's just the luck of the natural lighting.

    Looks like luck was on your side with these - nice.

  6. Happy belated Christmas - I hope yours was lovely!

  7. I love the pictures...I miss snow.....last I saw of snow at this time of the year was Christmas in El Paso in 2004.....go figure! :D

    I bet Ruidoso is beautiful about snow and a nice base...I want to SKI!!!!!! :( my gear is going to WASTE IN 75 degree December weather....have I mentioned I hate the south?

    I think you did a great job of capturing the detail.....and yeah we are our own worst critics.....btw...I suck at skiing, but I sure look cute when I'm on my butt in the snow..... never fails that someone manages to capture that on film in GREAT DETAIL.....

    keep shooting those photos...I enjoy them so.... :D


  8. Well I thought your photos were LOVELY! Better still, you saw the beauty in them to want to capture them.

  9. ASW sez: btw...I suck at skiing, but I sure look cute when I'm on my butt in the snow..... never fails that someone manages to capture that on film in GREAT DETAIL.....

    Do we have the same friends, ASW? ;-)

    And thanks for the kind words on the pics. I'll be dipping into the archives a LOT for the foreseeable future.

    Lin: Thank you, m'Dear, for your kind words, as well! As you well and truly know, beauty is ALL around us here...


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