Thursday, December 27, 2007

American (Il)Literacy

Today’s Pic: Another dip into the archives. Here’s the cake that was the centerpiece for the party celebrating SN1’s return from the UAE in February, 2004. There was no time to “send it back” because the cake was picked up on the day of the party. The cake was pretty good, flavor-wise. The spelling, OTOH, was not. Three words and one contraction...with either a 75% (three of four correct) or 66% (two of three correct) grade for spelling, depending on your interpretation. We all had a good laugh.

But…it’s NOT funny.


  1. Okay, but is it just a wee little teesy bit funny now??? (okay I'm ducking out of the way on this one) :D


  2. So not funny. I hope they gave it to you for free!

    Blue skies,


  3. I've seen some great typos go by, better still when no one caught them until it was too late. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Thanks, this was great!

  4. I had completely forgotten about that! But when it comes to eats just the same!



  5. ASW: Yeah, it IS funny, now.

    Doc: Thanks for dropping by!

    Lin: You'd think folks would get this sorta thing right, given they have the order in front of 'em and all, right?

    Buck: You have a point. IIRC the cake was delicious.


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