Sunday, December 16, 2007

BIG News...

…in a small package. At precisely 1621 hours yesterday afternoon in Omaha, NE, Taurean Christian Easter entered this world. He weighed seven pounds, seven ounces and was 20 inches long at birth. Taurean is the son of granddaughter Amanda. Mom, son, Grandfather Sam, and Grandmother Alisa are all doing fine.

GREAT-Grandfather Buck is elated at the news in one aspect (the most important one), and befuddled in at least one other. The befuddling aspect, of course, is all about being a great-grandfather. At such a young age. Ah, I’m only kidding myself. I’m old, and I should wear it with pride. Isn’t that what great-grandfathers are expected to do?

I’ll post pictures when I get ‘em…

The pic above is of a younger Amanda, flanked by SN3 on the left and Grandson Sean on the right.

Two years ago… June of 2005... taken in a diner just across the street from Bath Iron Works, Bath, ME.


  1. Great-Grandpa Buck!?

  2. Congrats, grandpa-again!!!

  3. Congratulations Great-Grandpa!

  4. I have wonderful memories of my "GG" - how exciting for you and the entire family! Congratulations

  5. Although I understand the "befuddled" feeling, isn't just great that you get to experience another season of your life - one that not everyone will experience? Set your mind on the up-side. It is great that you get to experience this while you are young :) Pass out the cigars and break out the lager!

  6. Congratulations grandpa.

    The photo is very nice too.

  7. Congrats Buck. Hopefully the little bundle of joy was born at Methodist, because that's where the good babies in Omaha are born, if one is to use myself as any sort of an example.

  8. Here's to you Uncle Buck and your great grandchild!

    An old Irish Proverb

    Here's to a long life and a merry one.
    A quick death and an easy one.
    A pretty girl and an honest one.
    A cold beer- and another one!


  9. Hopefully you're catching up to the dummies that are reproducing like mosquitoes. Overtaking them, perhaps? Anyway, the human race owes you thanks for pushing the "Idiocracy" out a little bit further.

    Seriously though, congratulations. That's great.

  10. Thanks for the congratulations, all y'all. Much appreciated!

    Jay: I'd never heard the proverb before...and it's a good one. I'm working on memorizing small feat for a man my age. ;-)

    Lou: You're correct, as usual. The focus should always be on the upside...and the upside here is pretty danged good.

    Mike: I have NO idea which hospital Amanda is in, but I'd guess there's not that many choices, even in Omaha, no?

    Morgan: Those who know the Penningtons a bit more... umm... intimately... might disagree with you on the pushing the idiocracy back. But only a little. ;-)

  11. Wow - CONGRATS!!! My mom just became a great-grandma this past May - own it Buck, chances are you've earned the rights!!!

  12. Nah ... you look much too young to be a great grandpa.

  13. Congratulations GG Buck. Beautiful family.


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