Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost Forgot...

My new neighbor, enjoying a relaxing moment next to her fifth wheel.
Well, OK…not really. But I was surfing some RV park sites last evening and came upon this candid shot depicting “park life.” ALMOST made me want to pack up right then and there and head out. Of course, the thought was “why don’t I have neighbors like this?” I mean, what’s not to like? She’s in my cohort, age-wise; she's not hard to look at; and she’s got a beer in her hand.
It don’t get no better than that, Gentle Reader.


  1. Damn...looks and sounds qualified to me!

  2. Buck!!! ... what about those young whip-cracking newbies across the street? Easy to beer-break 'em when they're young, ya know. Don't you dare be pulling up stakes and leaving NM!!!

  3. Lin sez: what about those young whip-cracking newbies across the street?

    Do you remember that ol' song by Steely Dan..."Hey Nineteen?" The chorus goes:
    Hey nineteen
    No we got nothing in common
    No we cant talk at all
    Please take me along
    When you slide on down

    There's a minor contradiction in that, of course. But the truth is there: we got nuthin in common... And I'm danged sure they feel the same way. ;-)

  4. Glad it rained in town and barely a sprinkle here. We have hay on the ground. Did you see the business that burned down due to lightening the other night? Floyd Fire dept got called to man the Portales station cuz all those guys were out fighting the fire. Too bad about the business, handcrafted furniture. The guy did excellent work.

    Guess you would have to go a bit farther south to find retired snowbirds that lay out like that. Personally, I would only wear a swimsuit like that if I were home, and that's only because I have no neighbors for a couple miles. LOL!

  5. Jenny: Isn't it interesting how different the weather can be only a few miles apart? And we did get rain the other night...of the "cats and dogs" variety. I didn't know about the fire although if memory serves, I did hear sirens the other night.

    I hear ya about that bikini. In all my travels thither and yon I've never seen anyone laying about dressed (or UNdressed!) like that...even by the pool. Which is why I posted that pic. Unusual, it is!

  6. Sorry no age appropriate eye candy near the casa..


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