Thursday, May 17, 2007

Off the 'Net

Big flurry of activity last evening. I got an e-mail from The Second Mrs. Pennington early last night suggesting that SN3 just might prefer spending time with his brother and me over camping, should I find it within my power to be in Colorado tonight.
I think I can do that.
So…all packed up and working on my second (and final) cup of coffee; departure in about half an hour. Everything I’m taking is encased in plastic bags except the ‘Zuki and me (I have my rain gear, but it’s not plastic). Rain seems unavoidable according to the WX Channel forecast; the current radar map tells a different story. My route looks clear all the way into and through Colorado to my destination…let’s hope it stays that way. Hah. With my luck?
I thought about taking the laptop but there’s just no room. So blogging will be light-to-non-existent until I get to SN1’s house Monday night. But I might find a PC, somewhere. One never knows.
By the way…Pronger got a one-game suspension and won’t be playing tonight. I hope the Courtyard has Versus…


  1. I hope your trip goes well and you get to enjoy your sons.

  2. Enjoy visiting with SN3! Does he ever get to come down to P-ville to visit? If so, holler at us sometime if he gets too bored with dear ol' dad!

  3. Have a great trip, and enjoy the time with your sons!

  4. Enjoy the trip, Sergeant. Colorado/Utah on a motorcycle... what can I say but that I have some great memories. Never did Fort Collins to SLC, though. That highway, US40 I think, is where some folks died in avalanches this last winter.

    You'll read this I hope when you get back: mkfreeberg (The Blog That Nobody Reads) had some things to say about you. (Don't know how to linky in this comment box).

  5. Sheez, I wrote the comment above before finishing Freeberg's post. The post is a big one, even by his standards. Good stuff.

  6. Arrived in CO safely, but the ride was not "fun." The first bits, from P-Town to Las Vegas (NM) were great, then it went downhill from there. Serious rain, serious wind from Trinidad, CO to Colorado Springs. It got better after that.

    577.6 miles in 11 hours flat. Considering the fact I had to slow down quite a bit during the rain/wind periods, I don't think that's half bad.

    Now...all that said: I hurt. Even my frickin' hair hurts! ;-) My back is fine...but my shoulders, wrists, and arms (not to mention my butt) are quite sore. I "self-medicated with two Fat Tires and a 45-minute soak in the hottest bath I could stand, and (with the help of Advil) don't feel too bad today.

    The Courtyard where I'm staying has a public workstation, so I may blog a bit tomorrow or later today.

    SN3 has grown!! More on that, later. Anyway, he has a new helmet, gloves, and a spiffy motorcycle jacket (with armor!! -- he said). He rides on the back pretty well.

    As I said, more later.

    Reese: I saw that thing Morgan wrote. I was flattered beyond belief. Quite a nice piece...but more importantly, he had some great thoughts on how/why we blog. Morgan is on the sidebar (House of Eratosthenes -- probably mispelled) if others are interested...


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