Monday, April 23, 2007

A Minor Disappointment

My leathers arrived about 20 minutes ago…and they’re too big, as I feared they would be. Not waaay too big, as in "return them for a smaller size" too big, just a lil bit big… geeky-looking, in other words. I don’t quite swim in them, as Mom used to say, but there’s definitely room for my street clothes under the leather. And that’s my habit, anyway. I’ve always worn street clothes under my leather. Leather is HOT, especially in the summer. I shed it immediately after getting off the bike, and it just wouldn’t do to wander around nekkid, now, would it? The authorities frown on that sort of behavior.

The things are heavy, too…both in construction and weight. There’ll be no road rash should I unload while wearing them. And they have built-in armor, which is nice. The wonders of modern technology never cease!

So, anyway. I suppose, in a perfect world, I should send them back and get the next smaller size. But…one has to balance the hassle of waiting two weeks (or more) to return the product and receive a replacement vs. the benefits of a better fit. I’m opting to skip the hassle. Just don’t laugh if you see me on the road.

No pics. I can’t compete with SN2 in that category…I’m not even gonna try.


  1. Too bad about the leathers... I was lucky with the lighting in that pic. Amazing how good someone can look with a digital camera.

  2. Get someone to snap a picture as you zip by on your motorcycle - at night. I bet the leathers are not so bad - girls like nerdy. Of course, they like pictures of Sam in his leathers, too. Varitey is the spice of life.

  3. Sam: Yeah, it is too bad. But I knew that was gonna be the case after finding out what size yours are. Oh well.

    Lou: A night pic of me zipping by on the bike would be VERY interesting due to the reflective material on the leathers. I may have to try that...

    My experience has been that women and/or girls like nerdy in the way they like yappy little dogs -- interesting/cute for a little bit (perhaps), but definitely not someone/something you wanna be seen with. Unless you want your computer fixed, of course. :-)

  4. Lou,
    You do know how to make me smile.

  5. Smart girls go for the guy who can fix her computer..... or..... maybe she'd just fix it herself. ;)

  6. Laurie said: or..... maybe she'd just fix it herself. ;)

    All things being equal (and that statement leaves a hole big enough to drive a truck through), I'd choose a woman who could fix her own computer. Smart, confident women turn me on. It has been ever so.


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