Friday, March 23, 2007

Look What's Headed Our Way...

The weather outside is pretty wild at the moment. Dark gray, swirling, towering clouds driven rapidly across the sky by a very brisk breeze…it’s a warm breeze, too. If you check SE NM in the larger version of the map, you'll see a Meso-cell with clouds topping out at 55K feet, moving NNE at speeds of 31 mph. That's aimed right at P-Town...

Ah, Spring! It looks to be an interesting sort of evening in these parts.

Update: 1527 hrs. That cell is gonna track well to the east of us (you too, Jenny!). But the one behind it? Jury's out.


  1. sounds like the police are busy tonight. Tornado hit around Arch and Milnesand, another on 202 heading to Clovis. This wave just passed by me (1017 right now as I'm typing), but could be another coming up from the south west. My ears are on the radio and scanner (except radio is out now, so just the scanner).

    Buck, I know you are in an RV. I heard that motorists should head to the Roosevelt General Hospital ER for shelter. You may want to think about heading that way if this other cell comes up bad.

  2. On another subject, not sure how you feel about country music. But if you do like it and appreciate some local talent, head on out to Floyd tomorrow for the Lions Club Jamboree. It's the 57th year of it and is always a good show. Cost is $5 to get in and it's for a good cause. My husband is president of the Lions this year and they all have worked really hard on it (as they do every year).

    A dairy on 202 got hit by the tornado, BTW. Lots of power lines down.

  3. Heart out to Logan.

    Give us a sign, there, Exile. I assume you sought sturdier shelter.

  4. Thanks for the updates, Jenny. And the suggestion about the hospital, too. I'd never thought about going there before, and always wondered just where I'd go, as far as a safe place is concerned. SN2 suggested I get out when that first cell blew through, but I didn't...still haven't.

    I HAVE been keeping a close eye on the radar, though. Thank God my internet connection is still good, coz the WX Channel went belly-up about an hour ago. THAT pi$$es me right off. Here we are, in the middle of severe weather and Cox can't/won't get a tech out to restore a feed? Damn near criminal, that is.

    Let me think about the Jamboree, Jenny, OK?

    Agree on Logan, Reese. It will be interesting to see what daybreak will bring. I hope damage is light. This looks like it's gonna go on all night.

  5. Soundsl like springtime in West Texas/Eastern NM - be careful. We have had rain and thunderstorm predictions all week, but nothing has materialized.

    Hey Jennye, do you know a couple named Butch and Cindy (possibly Penny)that train cutting horses? We left a horse with them one weekend while we were in the area.

  6. You can also go to the Greyhound Arena. They said in the paper that folks can seek shelter there during storms. Looks like Clovis and Rogers and Logan got most of the damage. Glad we weren't in Dora last night. We were there Thursday night for my DD7 basketball tournament.

    BagBlog, sorry, I don't know them. We don't know many horse people. We sell our hay to dairies, more in touch with that community and farmers rather than the horse/rodeo one.

  7. I was just reading all about it in the PNT. Clovis got smacked pretty good but no one was killed, Thank God. I'll post details in a bit.

    Pretty danged scary, it was! The NEXT time we have WX like this I'm heading out to somewhere/anywhere!

    Glad you and yours are OK, Jenny.


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