Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is Unusual

Dang, but I love weather! It’s a fascinating subject. But…I haven’t seen a forecast map like this in quite a while, not for this part of the country, at least. And most assuredly, not this combination of regional WX…rain, snow, mix, ice, and strong storms. Although I’ve been known to bitch about snow (ed: really?), I deal with it. But I hate ice.

You take care, Lou!


  1. You and my dad would have gotten along really well. He was a weather-holic himself.

  2. Maybe, Becky. :-)

    My former father-in-law was a weather lover, too. He took his love for weather quite a bit further than I...he had a collection of those composition books you carry around in school, the ones with the black and white marbled covers, filled with his daily weather observations that dated back to the 1940s. We didn't get along very well, and that's an understatement. As a matter of fact, for the first SEVEN years TSMP and I were married he only said three words to me, and only if I answered the phone and he had no choice BUT to speak with me: "Is (TSMP) there?" Seriously.

  3. All is well here. My north window is frozen with rain and I cannot see through it. Toby took Jesse to work with him this morning although she had to go an hour early - it made me feel better with the icy streets. I did my grocery shopping yesterday incase I could not get out for a few days. I will have a day to myself with some painting - not so bad.

  4. Early Snow and Ice. It looks like my old home town of Electra, TX is getting some snow today. We don't anticipate much here in Little Rock because it's supposed to be sliding north. Thanks for the warning though!

  5. I was worried about you, Lou. I have a lil bit of experience with how Okies handle ice and snow from my OKC days, and the bottom line is "not well." I understand your relief at Jesse riding in to work with Toby this morning...

    And can be sure you'll get periodic WX warnings. I just can't resist! ;-)

  6. When I worked for a property management place in RR (condo reservations), people would call and ask, "What if it snows? Can we get to RR?" I would answer, "If you can get out of TX and OK, you can get anywhere in NM."


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